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Book Blitz : The Keeper Of The Book

Must Read

Marc Mullinex

Action Adventure

Date Published: November 13, 2023


In the year 2043, World Council Edict 1735B proclaimed that all of the
world religions were to be outlawed in the interest of public safety. Houses
of Worship were labeled centers of dissension and attending any underground
religious service was punishable by imprisonment and relocation. To possess
any religious artifact or Holy Book was a mandatory death sentence. Jenny
Keane is a Believer, a Christian and the proud owner of a Holy Bible given
to her by her Grandmother. Michael Keane, her husband, is a former Special
Forces Operative. He is not a believer in the holy teachings of any
religion. Michael gave up the warrior path to live a cherished, peaceful
life with his family. Jenny and the children, while attending an illegal
religious service are captured by sadistic One World troops and taken to a
reeducation camp. This sets Michael out on a one man rescue mission to bring
his family home and nothing short of death will stop him. Against impossible
odds he walks a path of revenge and destruction with no negotiation, no
rules of engagement and no mercy for his enemies. He is aided by the unseen
prayers of the faithful and years of experience in killing his foes.


About the Author

Ryland Harris is a father, a builder and a combat decorated Marine. He
resides in the Appalachian mountains of southwestern Virginia. He enjoys
long hikes in the mountains, designing and building houses and spending time
with his children. He shares his life with nine chickens, three goats and a
black mouth cur dog.


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