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Marc Mullinex


Book 1 of The Chronicles of Erenor

Epic Fantasy

Date Published: January 12, 2024


Embark on a Mystical Journey in ‘The Last Mage of Erenor’ – a
captivating tale of magic, courage, and the quest for balance in a world
where light and darkness vie for control.


In the shadowed realm of Erenor, where magic whispers as a forgotten myth,
a latent power stirs. Lysandra, a hidden mage with a legacy as ancient as
the land itself, is thrust into a destiny that intertwines with the very
essence of her world.

She’s a magnificent sword person and always carries her sword, etched with
runes by her side. Another loyal and constant companion is her Black Wolf,
Shadow, whom she has rescued as a pup.

When her secret abilities are unveiled, Lysandra faces the wrath of King
Draven, the King of Erenor’s city, Tyrannis, oppressive regime. Guided by
the teachings and wisdom of the sage Master Elarion and joined by Aerin, a
hunter seeking redemption, and Feyla, an ingenious inventor, Lysandra
embarks on a perilous quest to rekindle the lost arcane energies.

From the oppressive streets of Tyrannis to the mystical depths of the
SilfrenDeor Forest and the formidable Iron Mountains, their journey unravels
a tapestry of adventure, ancient secrets, and dark forces. Confronting
malevolent creatures like the sinister Shadow Hounds and the corrupted
dragon, The Harrow, they navigate a world teetering on the brink of

As the last descendant of the First Mage, Lysandra stands as the beacon of
hope in a land torn between fear and wonder. But can she overcome the
shadows of her lineage and restore the balance of magic in Erenor?

Just as she and her allies manage to beat their enemy, King Draven, and
restore Erenor’s magic, Lysandra and her allies as well as her black Wolf,
Shadow and the Dragon, the Harrow receive the bad news that all of Erenor is
not free from the dark magic that corrupted it.

But this time, the threat is even greater – an unknown evil with power over
black magic and the ability to summon dangerous and ancient creatures.
Lysandra, Aerin, Feyla, Shadow, and The Harrow must set off once again to
confront this foe, a being that could be a Sorcerer or even a Demon.

In a last cataclysmic battle, Lysandra discovers a shocking truth – she has
a connection to this Demon, and her light and dark sides are in a constant
battle for control.

With her runic sword, her wolf Shadow, and the Dragon Harrow, Lysandra
finally manages to slay the Demon and his dark magic. But the victory is
bittersweet, as rumors of danger in Erenor still persist and new creatures
emerge from the celestial fracture.

In the next installment of The Chronicles of Erenor, Lysandra and her
allies will once again face these challenges and fight to bring harmony to a
fractured world.

If you enjoyed stories of epic fantasy, mythical creatures, and thrilling
adventures, then ‘The Last Mage of Erenor’ is the perfect book
for you. Join Lysandra on her quest to save Erenor from the forces of


About the Author

Kim Bock is an accomplished bi-lingual Indie author and co-owner of a
successful website design business, which she operates with her husband,
Eitel. Based in South Africa, Kim combines her expertise in digital
creativity with a passion for storytelling. Having already published a
historical romance novel in South Africa, she has established herself in the
world of books with her narrative style.

Multilingual and well-traveled, Kim’s experiences around the globe
have broadened her perspectives, enriching the depth her writing experience.
Now, she is taking a bold step into the fantasy genre, drawing on her love
for fairy tales, magic, and mystical beings. When not engaged with her
husband in her website design work, Kim dedicates her time to writing, and
exploring new realms in fiction that captivate and inspire her

Join Kim Bock on her literary adventure, where each novel is a window into
her vivid imagination and a reflection of her diverse experiences.

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