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Historical Fiction / Modern Greek Fiction

It is Athens in  the late autumn of 1973 and the  sweltering heat
of the inner city Summer is replaced by  cool ,overcast days. The Greek
dictatorship is slowly starting to crumble. In the working class area of
Omonia a son of The Papadopoulos family joins a protest at the Athens
Polytechnic   while the daily buzz and excitement of city life
continues around. Uptown under the watchful eye of the goddess Athena, and a
world away from down town Omonia, the residents of the affluent district of
Kolonaki, and  those who aspire to live there, strive to find
validation to their lives   amid its steep, winding streets at the
foot of the imposing, Lycabettus Hill. The book follows their joys ,
heartaches ,politics and music  on a  fifty year journey. As the
years pass, oblivious to its children, the ancient city changes and moves in
an altogether different direction: a wandering tale of latter day Athens and
its peoples.

 About the Author

Steve Kerr was brought up in the pleasant seaside town of Broughty Ferry in
North East Scotland. He spent part of his teenage life in Glamis Castle,
home to Macbeth and the Queen Mother, reputed to be the most haunted house
in Scotland! He later worked and studied in London, he also lived in Spain,
Hungary and for a number of years, Greece and worked as a lecturer in

Steve’s interest in writing came from the early 1970s when his somewhat
unconventional English teacher encouraged his creativity. His creativity and
imagination went back however to childhood when he would create stories and
draw them in a series of pictures. He has always had a strong interest in
History and music. As a teenager he composed many songs but never met with
success his creative abilities were slowly channeled into writing books.His
first Novel ” A Cafe In Arcadia”,about life in an insular Greek
town, was published in 2014. He had already published ” The Christmas
Tree Of Tales ” in 2013 under the name S R Kerr..In 2021 he published
another novel “The Winding Streets Of Kolonaki” set in

He counts a love of music in his interests as well as travel and reading.
He has travelled extensivly to places as diverse as Pakistan and Peru and
hopes to visit Japan, Hong Kong and the USA in the near future.

Growing up next to the beach on the River Tay in his home town was a a
major influence on him as was living in a castle. He was always interested
in anthropology and visiting other countries where he often immersed himself
in their culture. Places he visited and lived in inspired much of his
writing, as did his interest in psychology, people watching. He worked as a
lecturer, tutor, journalist ,civil servant in London where at a point he
shared a house with the group The Test Department.

He is at the moment working on three other books

1) Eurovision, A plea for respect (continental songs and British

3)The afternoons of Sanjay Bassinger

4.)It Came Upon One Christmas Eve.

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