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Children’s Book

Date Published: 07/22/2022

Publisher: Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc.

“The World Small” was born as a poem and remains so in this newly
minted Book Two of Kelly Anne Manuel’s Essentials Series. In this story the
Child is invited to experience their sleep time ritual with the comfort of
Nature nearby.

It is a remarkable combination of relaxation yet imagination igniting
prose. “The World Small” offers a standing invitation to the
Child. The Child will learn that no matter where they are on the planet,
Nature has common elements. She is always available for discovery and

In the story Nature is personified as a unifying presence to our planet.
The simple words take on new meaning as the illustrations pair perfectly
with their presentation. The illustrations spark curiosity as they start
with a map and end with the evening sky. The story identifies common
elements such as the sky, sun, clouds and rainbows, to create continuity for
any number of environments.

Children who begin their sleep time ritual with “The World Small”
will benefit from the rhythm of the words and the message they send. The
message that how Children play and enjoy the world around them no matter
their geographic location is designed to awaken curiosity and stimulate
conversations on the topic. It is in Early Childhood that a Child’s view of
the world and their place in it is under major construction.

“The World Small” is a tool in a Caregiver’s toolbox to assist
with that healthy formation. The idea that we are united as a global
community with elements of Nature and human nature is an important message
that the author feels Children’s literature must reflect. The Child who
reads this book will be rewarded with unlimited travels into imagination and
how they would like to play once they arrive there.

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