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Women’s Fiction

Date Published: July 14, 2019


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“Simultaneously compelling, intriguing, and effortlessly entertaining
read. De Soprontu imparts views on themes of poverty, race, identity,
strength, and deliverance, all tightly bound within this intricate
psychological opera.” KIRKUS REVIEWS

“VICES/VIRTUES is a beautifully written, strikingly moving, look at
the interacting lives and diverse backgrounds of women in an unconventional
profession” Indie Reader


Cristela had a childhood shrouded in secrets. Ashamed of their
circumstances, her mother told lies and encouraged her daughter to do the
same. As Cristela grew, she unraveled the lies, but found that deception is
a hard habit to break. Now, as an adult, Cristela creates a secret alter ego
as the dominatrix Mistress Clara.

By day, Cristela is a good-girl poster child. By night, Mistress Clara
masters the hidden erotic realm of an S&M dungeon. With her knack for
duplicity things should work smoothly except for one complication –
friendship. The quirky array of fellow dominatrices at the dungeon are
nothing like the stereotypes she expected. Divided between her affection for
the girls at the dungeon and her desire to keep her fetish activities
secret, Cristela fears her two worlds are colliding. Can Cristela break her
history of deceit? In a world of vices and virtues, salvation isn’t
something you find, it’s a path you make.


About the Author

Beatrice De Soprontu began writing at the age of four, when she scribbled
on the walls with a crayon. Now an adult, she mostly scribbles on her home
computer surrounded by her noisy children and their less noisy father. Born
and raised in New York City, (which includes: Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, maybe
even Staten Island – a.k.a. the real New York and not the tourist trap
that is Manhattan), she enthusiastically travels the world on a budget
whenever she gets the chance.


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