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Title:  My Italian Vendetta

Author:  Empress LaBlaQue

Publisher:  Red Rose Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-0058-8


Mayor Ruben Barrett was one of the youngest and brightest mayors of all times. But, Ruben had a crippling disability. Although married, he just couldn’t conduct business with his pants on. If Nedra could shoot him and plead temporary insanity, she would.

This is a bite sized story, easily read in one sitting, but none the less enjoyable for that. Erotic, but in a woman’s way rather than the overly explicit fashion enjoyed by men, the book  also appeals to women’s sense of fair play and their age old desire for a very justifiable and fitting revenge on an unfaithful husband. Which scorned woman hasn’t fantasised about getting her own back on a cheating husband or lover by turning herself into an ultra desirable femme fatale?

As Nedra, the heroine, recovers her confidence in herself her love rat of a husband is forced to reassess his place in her life. Ultimately a feel good read, the book is also written with a huge sense of fun, evident from the very first words. It isn’t high literary fiction, and there are a few editorial issues with spelling and tenses, but the writing is engaging and entertaining. It could be the perfect book to pack in your beach bag for this summer girls!

Review by Joanna Simm

My Italian Vendetta

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