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Title:  Outback Hero
Author:  Elle Druskin
Author Web site:
Genre:  Mainstream Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Price: $5.99
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What I liked: This woman was clearly one of the lunatics who thoughts she would meet a cowboy with an accent, chasing romantic dreams after a day in the saddle.

Stud. Tessa shivered, certain that she had seen B.J. leer at her when he emphasized the word. Did he think she was there to take up his services?

B.J. What did that stand for anyway? Brutal Jackass?

Tessa might be terrified of the animals, but B.J. could see she was like a mare that refused to be broken and saddled.

Shoving that thought to the back of his mind, he strode to the house, determined to discover Tessa’s secret.


A fresh start in a new place where nobody knows your name means you can finally create the life you always wanted. No more constant reminders of your past. Tessa Morgan is sure that the Australian Outback is the perfect place to distance herself from her past. But will her past follow her all the way across the world? Will Tessa really find a new start so far from home? Can this new land of strange customs and strangers become the home she has longed for?

Tessa is about to learn that you may not be able to outrun your past so easily.

Tessa Morgan is the spunky heroine in author Elle Druskin’s romance Outback Hero. While maintaining the standard romance novel formula, Druskin adds extra layers of dimension to her characters. The hero, the rugged B.J. (just what do those initials stand for?) has also tried to shun his past to make himself over. Through well-paced writing, Druskin allows readers to get to know both Tessa and B.J. first as adversaries, then wary allies and finally sensual lovers.

Tessa brings a much-needed reminder to B.J. about what is most important in life and forces the hero to question many of his life’s decisions. At the same time, B.J. can’t help but wonder what this outsider is up to and why she chose such a forlorn place to come to. What is it about her past that leaves B.J. with doubts? Tessa and B.J. must work to overcome their deep suspicions of one another, which is no easy task in the middle of circumstances that will test every ounce of trust.

With a cast of supporting characters that are easy to like – save for the evil villainess Liz – Outback Hero uses rich description and vivid narration to take readers on a journey of fiery passion based on love and respect. Outback Hero is the ultimate trip down under in the comfort of your favorite reading chair and will heat up the upcoming long winter nights in the Northern Hemisphere.

Book blurb:  Get out of New York. American nurse Tessa Morgan has to get out of town fast. A job at Bundalong Creek Station in Outback Australia is the answer to her prayers. B. J. McCall is stuck at Bundalong and can’t wait to get back to the city. He trains horses, she’s scared to death of them. She wants a family, he can’t wait to get away from his family, their station, its debts and a thousand other problems.

With the nudging help of a lovesick station hand, his loopy teenage sweetheart, Monty the family pet python, and the Royal Flying doctors, Tessa and B. J. discover the importance of family, friends and home along with a love that neither expected.

 Book excerpt “You wouldn’t want the men to think you’re a wimp. Scared of a little needle?”

She couldn’t help toying with him, despite the guilt at her own taunts. Tessa was certain she heard him gulp as she unwrapped the syringe, expertly drawing up the medication.

B.J. sighed, rolling up the blue cotton sleeve on one arm, revealing powerful biceps.

“Oh no, I’m afraid that won’t do at all. Tetanus can be quite painful. It really needs to be injected into a big muscle group. I’m afraid you’ll have to drop your pants and lie down on the sofa.”

If looks could kill, B.J. would have murdered Tessa with his expression. Her mouth went dry as he glared but slowly, like a stripper performing for a rapt audience, unbuckled his belt. She couldn’t seem to look away as he unzipped the jeans with exquisitely deliberate, dawdling movements. Hooded eyes met hers and she felt her cheeks burning with humiliation.

“A bit of a voyeur?” His lazy grin met her face, and she hoped she had managed to force an impassive expression in response to his cocky remark.

“Not at all. Believe me, from this end, you all look the same.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Tessa’s jaw hung slack as he continued the striptease, the pants and boots now thrown carelessly on the floor. Powerful thighs dusted with dark hair ended in a pair of black cotton boxers that left little to the imagination. Very little, including another muscle that seemed to spring to life in greeting, just barely contained by the flimsy material. He grinned maliciously at her again.

“Want these off, too?” He skimmed one thumb under the elastic waistband.

Tessa’s hand flew to her mouth; the one still grasping the injection shook visibly.


He shot her a superior smirk, folding his arms over his chest again.

“I mean, you can lie down there and then pull the back down.”

Blood thundered in Tessa’s head as he eased his large body that dwarfed the furniture, following her instructions to the letter. He lay face down as if daring her to approach.

Tessa clutched the injection and reached for the alcohol wipe. She squeezed her eyes shut.

Stop it. You’ve given hundreds of injections. This is the same as any other.

But as she stared at his muscled butt, it wasn’t and she knew it. Opening her eyes, she willed herself to get under control.

B.J. glanced up at her.

“You gonna take all day with that thing?”

Gritting her teeth, she approached. One hand gingerly tugging around the elastic as she peeled the underwear down. Hard muscled buttocks made her gulp. She held the injection and placed her free hand on warm flesh, sending an electric shock to her center. Wiping mechanically with the alcohol, she plunged the needle in and hoped she didn’t faint.

 by: Tammy Elizabeth Southin

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