Book review: Safe Harbour by: Cara Cooper

Title: Safe Harbour
Author: Cara Cooper
Author Website:>:Cara Cooper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Xcite Books
Price: 2.99 British Pounds
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What I liked: Cassandra could see that Adam was put out by her outburst, probably thinking that this was all the thanks he got for helping her out. But Cassandra had always been a woman who said what she thought.

Everyone yearns for a place where she can feel safe and secure. Cassandra Waverley believes she has found such a place. A place where her heart and soul will find refuge. But just as she thinks that she can trust her heart, along comes the unexpected in the form of a handsome and possibly dangerous man. Will Cassandra end up losing everything that she has worked so hard for, including her sanity?

Cara Cooper’s Safe Harbour provides a solid read that delivers from the first intriguing opening line and continues with a well-paced tale of emotional give and take. Cooper takes her heroine out of the predictable and allows Cassandra to develop as a proactive woman who is ready to take on some of life’s toughest, and sexiest, challenges. In the hero Adam, Cooper also avoids the typical ‘character with a past’ by giving him additional layers of complexity that heighten the story and the sensual tension between the two main characters. Listed as a British Romance, this book and its universal themes will be enjoyed by romance fans looking for a well-written story with satisfying plot events and emotional depth.

Book blurb: Cassandra Waverley is thrilled with her beautiful harbourside restaurant. She’s escaped a stressful job in the city and a personal meltdown which haunts her still. Just when she is relishing her seaside haven, dark, brooding Adam Hawthorne turns up, taking an unhealthy interest in her property and turning her world upside down.
He’s a serious threat, both to her business and to her heart. The more she learns about him the more she realises he’s a man with mysteries in his own past.
Throw in a wayward younger sister and a rescue kitten who needs a home and Cassandra has her work cut out for her. Will she ever find a safe harbour, and a love that will endure?

reviewed by: Tammy Elizabeth Southin

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