Home Review Book review: Social Holly Unconditional Love Series Book 2 by: Kali Willows

Book review: Social Holly Unconditional Love Series Book 2 by: Kali Willows


Title: Social Holly Unconditional Love Series Book 2
Author: Kali Willows
Author Web site: www.kaliwillows.com
Genre: Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Holiday (Christmas), Interracial/Multicultural
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Price: $2.99
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What I liked: Holly allowed herself to succumb to her desire until – with an overwhelming rush, the painful images of that Christmas Eve suddenly flooded into her mind, bringing back her inhibitions full force.

Christmas is one of the most sensory filled holidays. The sights, sounds, and aromas provide years of memories. Even the slightest item triggers powerful emotional links to the past.

But what happens when that past is one of sorrow, heartbreak, and ultimately, hatred?

Holly Richards’ Christmas memories will never be the same after a fateful event that is forever seared into her heart and mind. Nothing, and no one, can help Holly reclaim what is rightfully hers; a life focused on the good and not the bad. Even the handsome and caring Bastian Stone cannot penetrate through Holly’s tough defensive walls.

Moreover, what about that ‘secret admirer’ and those cryptic gifts? Are these warnings of something sinister to come?

Social Holly, the second book of the Unconditional Love Series, features an unfolding love story with typical elements romance readers desire. Personable characters and some intriguing sub-plotting add dimension to the classic take on learning to love and trust again. True romance fans might find it odd that the love interest appears later than the ‘standard page 2’ – he arrives later after learning of Holly’s perspective. Exposition and dialogue are fairly balanced, making this a brief and heart-warming respite from the holiday rush or anytime when readers need a romantic escape.

Book blurb: One fateful Christmas Eve, Social Worker, Holly Richards attended an apprehension at a severe domestic violence incident in a home accompanied by police and paramedics. The traumatizing scene brought more than the pandemonium and brutality Holly had expected to witness; it also brought about the end of her ability to celebrate Christmas, to love, and to trust.

Betrayed, crushed and bitter, Holly refused to move forward with anything but work. Months of misery and self pity had sunk her to levels she had never experienced before. Holly’s co-worker and best friend Joanie, came up with a solution to force Holly out of her unimaginable depression. Knowing her friend’s combative personality and pent up aggression and resentment, Joanie signed them both up for the new Jujitsu class in town.

Little did Holly know, the sport that she had enjoyed years before, held new and provocative possibilities for her, and perhaps as well, the missing key to heal her emotional wounds and be able to love again. With the pending holiday season, and her astonishing and unforeseen attraction of Shihan Bastian Steele, Holly became a prisoner of her own yearning. Fear ruled her desire, as she fought against her explosive passion for this tall, dark, handsome leader, and the pressure to engage in the festivities of the season by those all around her.

At the same time the black cloud of despair begins to lift for her, Holly becomes the target of a secret admirer; who comes with a very dark agenda and a link to her tragic past she never could have comprehended.

Book excerpt: Bastian placed his free arm around her waist, gently hauling her body to his. Holly didn’t resist. She wanted him. She wanted him to devour her quivering lips. Instinctively, Holly moved forward, inviting him to her. Bastian pulled back slightly, inspecting her eyes. A sensual smile briefly appeared, and then his expression grew serious. Determined and encouraged.

Bastian moved his hand from her waist up to the length of her neck and held firmly as he plunged forward devouring her lips with a dominant hunger. Holly received his mouth, worshiping his taut moist lips with hers lovingly. She moved her hands up to his sculptured face, holding him with deep affection, as she kissed him back, unleashing her desire for him.
The intensity grew; Bastian eased her backwards, against the wall, pushing against her yearning body with his. Consuming her lips, her mouth, and his kisses trailed down her chin and down the length of her neck, sucking gently and feverishly. Holly groaned in exquisite pleasure as his hot lips moved down to the dipping trim of her blouse. Astonished, Holly accepted his mouth on her flesh.

by: Tammy Elizabeth Southin


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