Book review: Stormtide to a Homicide by: N.A.L. Gauthier

Title: Stormtide to a Homicide
Author: N.A.L. Gauthier
Author Web site: N.A.L. Gauthier
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Multicultural/Interracial, Autumn Rose
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Price: $3.99
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What I liked: Somewhere along the way, it seemed like victims had themselves become his clients, although he could not have said just when.

He had to admit that he did not feel any special empathy for her. As that was the case, he told himself, perhaps he would not immediately find this new victim stalking his dreams.
Detectives see several facets of life up close, in ways that civilians can never begin to imagine. William ‘Ty’ Tyler has seen more that his fair share of grisly inhumanity both on and off the job. His wife left him for another cop and his middle daughter ran away. Dealing with so much means just one more event may be the one to push Ty over the edge, if those ghosts haunting him are any indication of near insanity.

In ‘Stormtide to a Homicide,’ N.A.L. Gauthier establishes the likeable detective right from the first paragraph; readers learn of his personality and motivations that will carry throughout the novel. Ty has a new murder case on his hands, and is forced to work with the ‘other man’ as well as the delectable Elyse. Ty knows he is professional enough to put his personal feelings aside to deal with matters at hand. But how is he to ignore those ghosts? Are the spirits, victims, and loved ones, there to help him solve the crime? Or are these merely figments of an overworked imagination? Can Ty separate fact from phantom?

Gauthier’s tale works several subplots in the mystery to keep readers guessing in a satisfying ‘whodunit’ style. Aside from a couple of characters thrown into the mix, who seem removed from the plot, (Bonnie, Mike the pilot, and Terry) a strong supporting cast ensures plenty of clues and twists. Narration and a slower pace dominate the middle of the tale but effectively give mystery fans a solid build-up to the climax. Gauthier’s ending leaves several loose threads not in a negative sense but hints at a possible and welcome second volume to answer questions and delve deeper into Ty’s complex life.

Book blurb: Ty Tyler, a well-established and more than competent Australian detective has reached the breaking point; for home, job, as well as relationships. Nothing is going right.

In the midst of his much-needed vacation, a dreaded killer moves to his town. His everyday problems jostle alongside the demands of the investigation.

Of course, one of his more ordinary problems IS that bunch of ghosts demanding justice. If only they didn’t show up at the most inconvenient times… but they do offer some useful insights.

He could be forgiven for dismissing his insights as more signs of an impending nervous breakdown…but he still must resolve this case, before one of his becomes the next victim.

Book excerpt: It was Vanessa; Vanessa pointing a gun at him.

She eased off the safety.

He focused busily on the myriad of detail. The flutter of her perfect hair in the breeze, the perfect, single pearl dangling low into her cleavage.

How she had gotten a gun, an old, snub nosed Webley 26?

Vanessa looked at him in her usual, perfectly calm, business-like way.

“Vanessa,” he said, “you don’t want to do that. There’s no need. Kill a cop for a white-collar crime? I’m not here to put you away. You’ve got a chance to explain. Lay it on the accountant.”

“He’ll drag me in,” she said bitterly. “What chance do I have? You’ve seen me, that other inspector, with this white gold on my finger. I’ve only just realized it had to be hers, of course. He’s tied me to the killing, on purpose.” She motioned with the gun.

Strauss and stepped toward the end of the pier. “We can talk about this Van,” he said, “This is a mistake. There isn’t any need.”

She raised one eyebrow. “Go up for theft, fraud, and who knows what more? I don’t think so.”

“It was that painting wasn’t it?” he asked. “The Kiss.”

“Do you have any idea how much that thing is worth? I live an expensive life, love, and I don’t intend to change. Now be a good fellow, and step right back to the end of the dock.”

Strauss took one slow step backward, and thought, one more step and I can jump into the sea. He glanced back, to see where the edge was behind him.

by: Tammy Elizabeth Southin

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