Book Review: When Love Won’t Die by: Jacqueline McMahon

Title:  When Love Won’t Die
Author:  Jacqueline McMahon
Author Web site: dramaquill Jacqueline McMahon’s blog
Genre :  Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Price: $5.99
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What I liked:  Her head turned. He froze. Had she seen him? He didn’t move as she continued to gaze in his direction. No! Please don’t see me. It’ll ruin everything.

Her disobedience just made him so angry. A wife must submit to her husband.

As she left the bedroom, Eleanor frowned. Let’s just get this over with.


For some people, love is not just a strong emotion. It is a psychological weapon twisted beyond recognition to the point that love has become an obsession and a dangerous one at that. However, nobody could be as cruel as to try to pass off mistaken logic for love, could they?

Eleanor Bennett has carefully crafted her life to obliterate almost every tie to her troubling past. She broke away from the horrors of the past to begin a new life and a new identity that is far removed from the absolute terror she endured every day. Safe and secure, Eleanor has everything she ever hoped for and she believes that nothing could ever harm her now.

But so-called love works in mysterious ways in the hands of a psychotic individual.

Jacqueline McMahon’s chilling novel When Love Won’t Die examines the all too real domestic abuse issues that permeate every corner of society. McMahon has chosen to use the classic formula of the spurned lover who refuses to accept that the relationship is over. When Mel Hanson returns to claim what he believes is rightly his, Eleanor’s world is shattered as the past returns with a vengeance. At the same time, Eleanor’s new family knows nothing about her horrendous past. Will they understand Eleanor’s determination to survive at all costs? Or is Eleanor about to learn that you can never outrun your past and that she must fight this battle of wits and literally life and death on her own?

McMahon’s writing successfully captures the trauma women in abusive relationships must deal with and the emotional scars that are carried for life. For readers who wonder how the Eleanors of the world cope, McMahon provides a strong narrative that avoids hysterics and focuses on the individual with compassion and understanding. To the women who have been there, no explanation is necessary; for the women who have not, no explanation can be given.


Book blurb:  Eleanor Bennett has an idyllic life.  Married to a handsome and successful lawyer, she spends her days writing novels in their beautiful Victorian home, nestled onto a picturesque piece of property in the country.  As a bestselling author, Eleanor appears to have everything. 

But what no one knows, not even her husband Michael, is that Eleanor hides a dark secret, one she vowed to take to her grave.  Unfortunately, for Eleanor, some secrets refuse to remain hidden forever.  With the arrival of one individual from her past, Eleanor’s world is about to come crumbling down around her.

Book excerpt:  Eleanor Bennett jumped as the shadowed silhouette hovered on the other side of the patio door. Her hand shook as it reached for the table beside her, steadying her as her knees went weak. Leaning on the solid wood edge, she felt herself gasp for air, having  held her breath for too long.  She clamped her hand over her mouth, terrified that the intruder might have heard the sound.  Her feet seemed magnetized to the floor as her eyes darted around the room.  She had to think – couldn’t panic. 

The black outline of a hand finally released the door handle.  Eleanor’s blood pumped loudly in her ears in the silence.  The shadow moved away from the door.

Somehow, she found the strength to leave the sanctity of her spot in the dining room and headed for the telephone in the kitchen.  Her determined steps slapped against the tile floor, sounding much heavier than her one hundred and thirty-three pounds.

Eleanor swallowed, trying to quell the panic that had momentarily driven the familiar telephone number of her nearest neighbor from her racing mind as she jabbed at the telephone.  She knocked the receiver from its cradle, sending it crashing onto the kitchen floor with a loud thud.  Bending to pick it up, she froze as each tiny hair on the back of her neck prickled.  Now the intruder was at the front door.

by: Tammy Elizabeth Southin

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  • Eleanor has found great love and is enjoying her life with
    her husband. Eleanor is a woman who was strong enough to walk away
    from her bad past. But her past has caught up to her and will not
    leave her alone. Being brave is not a one time thing though, and
    Eleanor must be up to the tasks of the unpredictable events that
    lay before her.

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