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Fanny Fitzpatrick and the Brother Problem

by Dana Hammer




GENRE: Middle Grade Greek Mythology






Dion Isaacs (the reincarnation of Dionysius), Athena’s brother, is wreaking havoc. After to an unfortunate bee-venom poisoning at his wine business, he is down on his luck and crashing at Athena’s place. But the former god of wine, feasting, and excess is a bad influence on Fanny’s best friends, with his partying, wacky business schemes, and general debauchery. Sure, Dion is a fun guy. But there is such a thing as too much fun, and Fanny seems to be the only one who sees it.


Meanwhile, Fanny’s mother is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which basically means she pukes all the time, because she’s pregnant. With her mom unable to work, her dad is taking extra shifts to make more money, and things are getting tense at home. Fanny is excited to be a big sister, but all this sickness and stress over money are starting to take their toll on her.


Can Fanny save her friends from Dion’s negative influence, while also solving her family’s money problems? Of course she can. She’s Fanny Fitzpatrick.




Excerpt Two:


I hope Mom doesn’t have breast cancer. She would have told me about that though, right? You don’t hide cancer from your only daughter. That would be messed up. I get out of bed and pad down the hallway until I get to the bathroom. The puking is louder now, and I can hear Mom gasping between retches. I knock on the door.


“Mom? Are you OK?”


“I’m fine, Sweetie.”


Then she retches again.


“No you’re not Mom! You’re sick! Do you want some Sprite?”


Mom gives me Sprite when I’m nauseated, and it usually helps.


“Mom? I think you need to see a doctor. You’re not getting better.”


“Fanny! Go away!”


I don’t know what to do. My dad has already left for work, so he can’t help. I think about calling an ambulance, but then I remember that 911 is only for emergencies, and I don’t think this counts as an emergency.


“Mom, I’m gonna call an ambulance,” I say.




“But Mom—”


“Fanny, go decorate the tree!”


This stops me for a moment. Decorate the tree? Why?




“I’m not feeling up to it. Go decorate the Christmas tree. It’ll be a big help.”


I stand by the door, not knowing what to do. Is Mom trying to be tough, like the time she hurt her ankle and refused to go get X-rays, and she just limped around the house for a week until it swole up to like twice its size, and Dad finally made her go to the hospital, and it turned out she’d FRACTURED IT? Should I be like Dad and put my foot down and call an ambulance?




Where are you from? Tell us about yourself.

I grew up Grays Harbor County, in Washington State — specifically Aberdeen and Hoquiam, which were excellent places for a writer to grow up. First of all, the weather was awful, truly horrific, which forced sensible people to spend most of their time indoors. Second, these are small towns, and in the 1980s and 1990s, there wasn’t much to do there, as far as art and culture. Third, my family was very poor, and disinclined to leave the county for any reason. All of these factors combined to make a perfect writer-primordial-soup. I was indoors, desperate for some art and beauty, and I could usually find a pencil and something to write on. Voila. 


Tell us about your book. How did it get started?

My book is called Fanny Fitzpatrick and the Brother Problem. It’s the sequel to My Best Friend Athena. This book follows our heroine, Fanny, as she deals with more god and goddess drama. This time, her best friend Athena’s brother Dion (Dionysius) has come to down. He’s down on his luck after his contaminated wines poisoned several people, and now he has to come up with a new business plan. He decides he’s going to win an ice cream eating contest, and use the proceeds to form a cheese-making company — with Fanny’s friend Gemma (who has a remarkable palate) as his business partner. But Dion has issues. He has wild mood swings, little self control, and throws constant parties that take over everyone’s lives. 


Meanwhile, Fanny’s mom is pregnant, and is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum – basically she pukes all the time. With her mom unable to work, Fanny’s dad is taking on extra shifts at work, and the whole family is worried about finances. 


Can Fanny save her friends from Dion’s bad influence? And can she help her family with their money problems? Of course she can! She’s Fanny Fitzpatrick.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write?

I write at my little roll-top desk that I got for $40 on Craigslist. It’s old, and quaint, and I love it. I like to have a beverage when I write — usually that beverage is hot tea, but sparkling water will do in a pinch. Occasionally, if I’m feeling a bit stuck, a glass of wine helps. I prefer to write braless, and I never write with shoes on. Shoes and bras hamper creativity. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Yes! I hope you read and enjoy my books!  Thanks for reading my stuff!


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Dana Hammer is a novelist, screenwriter and playwright. She has won over forty awards and honors for her writing, few of which generated income, all of which were deeply appreciated. She is not a cannibal, but she is the author of A Cannibals Guide to Fasting. Dana is also the author of middle grade fantasy My Best Friend Athena which was inspired by a desire to write something her 9 year old daughter could read.






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