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Book Tour: Tides of Blue


Date Published: 10-20-2022

Publisher: Tivshe Publishing


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Anna Grace is trapped in an abusive marriage with a man she does not love,
forced to live on a Maryland plantation far from her Philadelphia home. An
innocent cobalt blue medicine bottle becomes her way to freedom and

Beth flees an abusive relationship, making a fresh start on the coast of
the Chesapeake. She discovers a love for sea glass, finding shards along the
bay shorelines. With the discovery, she’ll find a piece of a rare cobalt
blue poison bottle that will lead her to unexpected love.

Both women will find their courage and the love they deserve, both tied to
the simple cobalt blue bottle through time and tides.

A whisper from our soul lives on everything we touch, whether it is good or
something more sinister. A tiny blue bottle changes the lives of all those
who touch it, and its shards travel through time and tides to touch other
lives and other loves through murder, adventure, love, and sea glass.


Chapter 1 – Anna Grace – 1860 


Anyone who has picked up a piece of sea glass has touched history and touched other lives. 

Anna Grace and Tyrone stared at Augustus’s lifeless body. In death, he looked at peace and free from pain. In death, his face showed a vestige of his youth. 

“It is done,” she whispered as she stared from Augustus to the small, cobalt blue glass bottle on the nightstand. 

“Yes, missus,” Tyrone agreed, and he bowed his head. 

There were no other words. After a moment of silence, he reached for the bottle, but Anna Grace’s hand stopped him. 

 “I’ll take it,” she told him rigidly as her hand reached for the small, uncorked bottle, innocently standing guard by the cup drained of liquid. 

She picked up the bottle, cradling it in her hand, wanting to keep it. She wanted it safe, as it was one of the last things Josiah had touched. But Anna Grace knew she had to be rid of it. 

Tears pricked at her eyes. They weren’t tears of mourning for Augustus but rather tears of relief. She turned to look up at Tyrone’s impassive face with one tear trickling down the side of her face, then wiped it away quickly while Tyrone averted his eyes. 


“We’re free now, Tyrone. Free,” she stated steadfastly.

About the Author

\For Sharon, writing is like breathing. It’s in her hard-wiring. She writes
warm, contemporary romance, spicy romance, and romantic suspense with the
majority of her books set in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Sharon is a nationally award winning Librarian and the author of fiction
and educational publications. She is also an avid gardener, jewelry artist
and artist. See:


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