Being Undead–A Period of Adjustment

Can life become more complicated? As if being a newlywed weren't enough of an adjustment, try doing it UNDEAD. Yep, as a new...

Guest Blog: WHERE DO WE GET THOSE IDEAS? by Mona Karel

We’ve all heard those questions.  “Do you research your sex scenes with your husband?” “Do your parents know what you write?”“Don’t you just write...

Guest Blog: The Dreaded Deadline: Setting personal deadlines for writing.

Deadlines are a necessary part of life, for everyone.  In my career, I've always embraced deadlines because I thrive under pressure.  As a writer? ...

Infographic: Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors

Source is:

7 Tips for Effective Book Covers by Zoe Anderson

7 Tips for Effective Book Covers Despite all the warnings to do exactly the opposite, people can and do judge a book by its...

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