Child of War-Rising Son by Lisa Beth Darling


Child of War-Rising Son
Novel #3 in the OF WAR Series

Excerpt——The Flaming Shades in the Sixth Circle of Hell grew brighter with the rush of air to feed them, stirring a long dead hunger within.  Fiery faces gnarled in anger and victory as they closed in. Raven took another full-circle sweep with the spear.  This time it went right through those closest to him, cutting them in half for a moment only to have them come back together to continue their approach with blazing hands outstretched.

Their burning souls quickly used up all of what passed for air in the Underworld until Raven couldn’t get a single gasp of it.  The force that crashed down upon him wanting to bring him to his knees grew stronger as the air grew weaker, as the rushing roar of flames created a vacuum around him threatening to collapse his lungs even as it turned the remaining air in them to steam.  Gathering his fleeting strength, Raven stabbed out with the spear and watched it pass through the nearest attacker to no avail.  When he drew it back he noticed a curious thing; the six foot wood handle wasn’t charred or burned in the slightest; neither was the razor sharp blade at the end.

“They’re not real,” he mumbled, taking in the sight of the unblistered spear.  “Get back!”  Lashing out again, he tried to hold onto the belief that what he was seeing had no power over him.  The strike hit a flaming shade in front of him.  When it passed through its burning body, he felt weight, as though he hit something more than air.  The shade stumbled backwards but the others continued their onslaught.  Raven knew the spear wouldn’t be enough but he did have something else.  Dropping the spear to the hot soil, he yanked the stopper out of one of his wineskins.  He held up the skin like a gun, gave a good squeeze, and a good stream of water spurted it from it as he made another sweep.

The Flaming Shades screamed they stumbled backwards in retreat.  Raven hit them again. Again, they screeched in agony as their power, their heat, and their fire began to fade.   Another blast and those nearest him went out like candles in a rainstorm, leaving little wispy trails of smoke behind.

“You’re DEAD.  You’re NOTHING.”  Raven let another spurt fly as he picked up the spear to holster it and then take a few steps forward.  Steps that quickly grew from hesitant to assured as the Flaming Shades backed up in horror.  “Get away from me, go back to the hell you’re sentenced to and I won’t send you to Oblivion.”  To accentuate his point, Raven gave the skin another squeeze.  Most of the Flaming Shades already backed out of reach of the stream but a few brave defiant ones remained; when the water hit them they turned to steam, convincing their compatriots to turn fiery tail and run.

With his bare feet buried in the hot soil and the air around him returning to ‘normal’, Raven stood trying to catch his breath, watching the blazing army flee.  Wiping his forearm across his sweaty brow to clear the layer of glistening sweat, he listened to his heart thundering in his chest and felt the rush of adrenaline bolt through him.  This was his first real battle and he was victorious. Wherever he was, Raven hoped Ares was watching with pride.

Child of War-Rising Son
Now available in Signed Hard Cover & Paperback
Coming in E-Books November 22nd

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Novel will be made available to reviewers in e-book format only on November 15th. If you would like to review this novel please contact me with your name, web site, and type of novels you most enjoy reviewing.
Look for Kingdoms of War–Raven’s Revenge late in 2014
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