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Cindy Green & Snow Kissed!


Let’s get Snow Kissed!


It seems impossible but in just a couple weeks it will be Christmas. This time of year holds different possibilities and memories for everyone. Maybe you live in the Southern Hemisphere where the weather’s turning balmy or perhaps you live in Florida or Southern California where there is no place for snow in the holiday. Then again, you might live in Minnesota or Wisconsin and the first snow holds a special place in your heart. Wherever you are, I’m sure the upcoming holiday fills your mind with the activities and events in whatever way you celebrate.

When I took up my pen to compose this winter-themed story (due to a call from my publisher), I had no idea what it would be about. But I knew I had the story in me. Then I got the idea of a winter wonderland carnival in a town that had no snow. And the romantic scene that played through my mind was that of the hero and heroine dancing in a gazebo. (See the cover!) Mind you, my hero hates dancing, hates town activities (hates snow too), but he’d do anything for the woman he loves…even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Imagine dancing by moonlight on a crisp winter night in a gazebo decorated and lit with small sparkly lights. The music is soft and oh so romantic. What song is playing?

To get you thinking, here is an excerpt from the book:

“Yes, Logan.” Holly tried to smile, but it was futile by the way he stared at her.

“I—I…would you like to dance?” He broke eye contact and pointed over at the activity above them.

His offer to dance couldn’t have been more surprising if he had expounded upon Bach’s harmonic chord analysis. Logan didn’t dance. Holly wasn’t even sure he could dance. The music playing was slow and romantic with the words sung in Italian by an awe-inspiring baritone. To dance in the muted light to such a song was way too romantic a gesture for Logan.
“You hate to dance.”

“Yeah, I know.” The smile he gave her was subtle as always, yet so darn adorable. Her legs went a little weak at the sight. Lord, help me. Seriously, Lord. Help! The last thing I need is to go head over heels—figuratively and literally.
How infuriating was this? Not only was he flubbing up all this with Holly, but now he’d roped himself into dancing. Not just dancing, but dancing in the gazebo at a major town function. Logan could just imagine the look on Muriel Potter’s face if she spotted them. He grabbed Holly’s hand and raced up the steps. No use in prolonging the inevitable.
It didn’t take long before they were face-to-face in one corner of the dance floor. He stepped closer, her profound blue eyes staring him down. She didn’t think he could do this. Her smile was almost a dare; it was definitely playful. He pulled her into his arms and began swaying in time to the music. Holly followed his lead without question as if they had been made for this moment in time, each movement fluid and together.
“You’re good,” she said, with a laugh.
“Surprised?” He gave her a slow spin.
“Yes!” she replied with energy when she faced him again.
“For that I just might make you dance again.”
“Threatening me now?”
“Is it a threat?” He tightened his hold around her waist and she pulled her perfect, sweet lips up into a radiant smile.

Snow Kissed Released with White Rose Publishing .

Hope you have a great holiday season!


Cindy K. Green is a multi-published author with degrees in History and Education. Previously a middle school English & History teacher, she now homeschools her own children and writes in several genres: Inspirational, Contemporary, Suspense, Fantasy and Historical romance. No matter what she writes, she always throws in a bit of humor and fun. Find out more about Cindy and her books at and To join her newsletter email her at, and she will send you out all three parts of her FREE READ serial, “Valentine’s Challenge.”

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