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Title: Keeper
of Crows
Author: Casey
L. Bond
Genre: NA Urban
Editor: Stacy
Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen
Cover Designer:
Covers by Christian/ Christian Bentulan
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Sometimes it
takes a bad girl to take down a villain.


Carmen Kennedy
is a spoiled brat from Beverly Hills with a chip on her shoulder and a cocaine
addiction to match. Using drugs to suppress reality, her life is more than she
can stomach most days. All she wants is to disappear, and on one fateful night,
her wish is granted.


There is a
world that exists just beyond the fabric of our own. When Carmen is dragged there
against her will, her hopelessness seems to disappear, replaced by a
determination to survive. The Keeper of Crows is charged with guarding Carmen,
but is safety a possibility in a world so desolate? Can love blossom when
danger lies in wait? Together, they fight like hell, seeming to lose more
ground than they gain with each battle against the dark enemy threatening to
tear them apart. Can love keep her safe? Can it give her the strength she


When the lines
between life and death, reality and dream become blurred, who will save the
souls trapped in the spaces between Heaven and Hell? Who will save Carmen’s
only love, The Keeper of Crows?



Carmen Kennedy
finally feels normal. Enrolled in college, she’s making a few friends and
taking life one day at a time. Her days are filled with classes, studying, and
attempting to be more social, while her nights are filled with terrifying
dreams. All of her nightmares have one thing in common: him. She can’t see his
face, but a flash of dark feathers is all it takes to remind her of The Keeper
of Crows. He isn’t supposed to be real.


There is a
world that exists beneath the fabric of our own, a torturous place filled with
despair. The Keeper is there; Carmen just has to find out why and if there is a
way to help him leave that place. Her sanity and life will be threatened, but
she can’t ignore his screams any longer.


When love
exists, it doesn’t matter the distance. It finds a way to remind you.


Will love be
enough to save Michael and Carmen when The Keeper of Souls stands in their way?



Casey Bond lives on a rural farm in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She writes phoenixes – gloriously flawed and morally gray characters that fiercely rise from the ashes of their circumstances. World building is one of her favorite hobbies, along with stamping metal jewelry, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of nature. She thinks thunderstorms are better than coffee and that watching a meteor shower is the closest thing to magic you might ever see. She’s a firm believer that every amazing book needs a world you want to wrap yourself in, a character you want to win, and a love you would fight for.

Casey is the award-winning author of When Wishes Bleed, Gravebriar, and House of Eclipses.

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