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The Martyr’s Vow Series, Book 1

Urban Fantasy / Horror

To Be Published: 12-12-2022

Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing


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Armand Tarkanian is trapped in the ultimate dead-end job: embalming
decedents under his abusive uncle’s watchful eye. Every day he goes
through the motions, making death look beautiful while his life is anything

A car accident leaves him indebted to Berj, a mysterious man with
rune-carved gold teeth and a penchant for worshipping old gods. Blackmailed
and desperate, Armand feels more trapped than he was under his uncle’s
thumb. But the embalmer harbors his own dark secret, a bloodline curse that
allows him to communicate with the dead.

When the spirits show him how they were murdered, Armand must choose
between fealty to the sadistic and manipulative Berj, or joining the Legion
of the Lamb, a monster-hunting biker gang with their own agenda. What began
as a dangerous game between secret societies has led Armand on a frightening
quest to save the only family he’s ever known and a chance to get
closer to the rebellious misfits who saved him.


Heartfelt and provocative, Accursed Son is a story featuring generational
clashes, found families, and the rewards of tempting fate.



About the Author

Eric Avedissian is an adjunct professor and speculative fiction author. He
lives in New Jersey with his wife and a ridiculous number of books. When not
chained to his writing desk, he hikes the Pinelands and wastes too much time
on social media. Accursed Son is his first novel. Visit him online at and on Twitter: @angryreporter.

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