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Title: Destination
Author: Shyla
Genre: Multicultural
Editor: There for
You Editing
Cover Designer:
Covers In Color
Publisher: Inspired
Date: April 22
nd, 2021
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR




overindulge in alcohol on the flight


Don’t make out
with the hot stranger next to you


Don’t think
you’ll never see the sexy as sin make out partner again


Don’t fall in
love in paradise


There are rules
and etiquette for destination weddings. Kisi and Agustin broke them all.


USA Today
Bestselling author Shyla Colt is a chaos wrangler, chronic crafter, and
imaginary friend collector. The mom of two and a wife road trips with her weird
brood when she’s not taking on a new hobby or bingeing on spooky podcasts and
documentaries. She writes strong women with sass, plenty of nerdy tendencies,
and the intriguing intense males who love them.


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can’t shake the bit of sorrow that burrowed into my heart the moment I watched
K get swallowed by the other travelers in the airport. I need a minute to get
my head right and prepare to engage with my parents.

unpacking my clothing, I hop in the shower. The white tiled showed is massive.
The rain showerhead and view of the ocean from the window help me get into a
vacation mindset. Washing away the travel, I let the negative energy go down
the drain along with the dirt. This is a happy time, and I’m not going to
dampen it in any way. My best friend is marrying the woman of his dreams, who’s
perfect for him. That means there might be hope for me as well. Forty is the
new thirty, and I’m starting to feel the desire to put down roots.

had wanderlust for so long it took me time to figure out what this new feeling
might be. It’s not that I want to stop traveling altogether. I’m just sick of
always doing it alone. Won’t Pierce get a kick out of hearing this? Refreshed,
I step out of the shower, dry off with a fluffy white towel, and dress. The tropical
theme in the room continues with a green leaf covered bed spread and matching
curtains. I’m running a brush through my hair when a knock sounds on the door.
Tossing my soft-bristled brush onto the counter in the bathroom, I hurry to the
front door.

it’s so good to see you.” Pierce engulfs me in a hug, and I laugh.  His sandy blonde hair has been tamed for the
wedding. Shorter on the left side, it’s got a nice fullness in the front he’s
brushed back in a nod to the fifties pompadour. I swear his hazel-colored eyes
glow with joy. Nova has been good for him.

my friend.” I pat his back, and he steps into the room, closing the door behind

look good, Gus.”

life on the road doing what you love will do that for a man.” I grin, laying it
on thick to hide the twinge of jealousy at his impending domestic bliss.

always admired your ability to go after your dreams and make them come true.”
Pierce smiles. “We’re going down a bit early to meet the maid of honor since
you’ll both be working closely together over the next week.”

like a plan to me.”

asked me to put in a request.”

arch an eyebrow. “What can I do to make Nova’s special day even better?”

clears his throat. “Can you tone down the Casanova vibe with the wedding party?
She doesn’t want any room for mishaps or hurt feelings.”

chuckle. “My friend, it’s not my fault women are pulled to me like bees to

like flies to shit.”

cringe and hold a hand over my heart.

don’t want her pissed off this weekend.”

get it.” I hold my hands. “I’m here to support you two and celebrate your
union. Not troll for a hookup.” I feel a stab of pain. That’s never my
intention. I’m not a man who falls often, but I do enjoy carnal pleasures. I
never lead anyone on, though.

know that’s not you. You never intend to leave a trail of broken hearts behind
you, Agustin. Your charm is like gravity. It’s impossible not to be pulled
toward you in some way.” 

my curse to bear.” I sigh dramatically, and he chuckles.


do it.” I pocket my room key and follow him out the front door.

this how everyone sees me? Some sort of Don Juan who never sticks around?

reach the elevator, and my heart stumbles in my chest. Standing beside Nova is
my mystery woman, K. Her lips part, and I remember their taste and feel. She
casts a worried glance from Nova to Pierce. I wink.

you are.” Nova steps forward, pulling me into a hug and blocking K from my line
of vision.

good to see you again, Nova. Congratulations.”

so glad to have our two favorite people in the same place for the first time.”
Nova steps back and turns to K. “Kisi, this is Gus. Gus, this is my best friend
since middle school, Kisi.”

I roll her name around in my head. A beautiful, unique name for a woman with
the same qualities.

nice to meet you, Kisi.” I smile.

Gus?” She tilts her head.

chuckle. “Short for Agustin.”

do hugs around here.” I pull her into my arms. “Hello, Cinderella,” I whispered
into her ear. “I appear to have found the one who fits the glass slipper she
left behind.” I pull back, amused by the fire that flickers to life in the
depths of her dark eyes. There’s the woman who kissed me on the plane.

confident to assume the role of Prince Charming,” she mumbles.

you prefer Snow White? You did look adorable sleeping on my shoulder.” I cast a
glance at the soon-to-be newlyweds whispering to one another as I press the
elevator button.


the car arrives with a ding, and the doors roll open, I admire her hips in the
off-the-shoulder white dress with the light blue floral pattern. I stand close
to her while the others enter, occasionally brushing our arms as we travel to
the main floor. I’ll play along for now, but the fact that we ran into each
other again is fate at work. The Garcia men have the zing when we meet the woman
we’re supposed to be with. Like our body goes up in flames, and our heart syncs
with them. I’m peering at Kisi, feeling lovesick and frightened as hell. Is
this where I get taken down by the Garcia zing? No. Be careful what you wish
for. You’ve been thinking about settling down for a couple of years.


jerk to the left and spot my mother and father directly in front of us.  He still towers over me at six foot four,
though age has taken some of his mass. His shoulders are still broad, but over
all he’s slender, and his facial features are sharper. The square jaw and wide
forehead are nearly identical to my own.

meet you inside in a moment,” I tell Pierce, who nods.

Mom.” I bend down and hug the petite woman with a slender frame to me.

I see my son with my own eyes.”

only been nine months.” I smile as I kiss her cheek.

We shake hands.

is not the same, Agustin.” Mom humphs.

playing in the dirt coming along?”

excavation went well. We’re going to be featured in Nat Geo for the discoveries
we found at the Roman soldier site. It’s revealed some previously unknown

they less than reputable these days after the whole Mer people debacle? And
that super shark.”

I mumble. He always finds a way to snatch the joy from me. “And that’s
television. We’re going to be interviewed and published in their magazine and
speak at one of the conventions later. It’s a big honor.”

wonderful.” My mother fixes my father with a cold stare. “Isn’t it, Mateo?”

never gotten over the fact that I didn’t want to join his firm or follow in his
footsteps like Tomas and Diego. There’s a reason why they’re still single and
slightly disgruntled. The weight of pressure is heavy. They can have that crown
because I never wanted Dad’s kingdom in the first place. But I do miss his
approval and affection. Of the three of us, I favor Papa most, but we couldn’t
be more different.

I’m glad they’ve recognized your hard work and brilliance.” It’s the closest
I’m going to get to a ‘job well done’ from him.

Papa. I need to catch up with Pierce and see what they’d like me to do this
evening. I’ll see you later at dinner.” I can’t get away fast enough as I turn
on my heel and leave them behind.



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