Creative Ways to Promote Your Ebook Online by Kelly Smith



Creative Ways to Promote Your Ebook Online


You took a risk, spent dozens of hours in revising your draft and finally published your ebook. Now what? Obviously, you need to get the word about your book out there – the truth is, if publishing books has never been easier, promoting them has become a much bigger challenge. The web is a maze of information and you need to make sure that the news about your book travels to the right people. Here are some creative ways to promote your digital brainchild.


Promote Your Book on YouTube


Make a great video trailer about your book. A link to this file can be attached in other kinds of social media and promotional content you’ll be using in the future. Record yourself talking about your book – what inspired you to write it, whether it’s based on your personal experiences, how the book can help people etc.


Use Pinterest


Pinterest is a form of social media that stands out due to its focus on visuals. You might be wondering why anyone would try to promote a book using this predominantly visual platform, but it’s more practical than you suspect. On Pinterest, you can create an aesthetically pleasing moodboard, which can feature book covers, illustration, fan art, book trailers and pictures of you. Other users can pin your content onto their own boards and spread the word about your book.


Give Away a Chapter


Allowing users to download the first chapter of your book for free is a great strategy for getting the news about your ebook to go viral. You can even use Pay With a Tweet (, where you’ll offer an excerpt of the book in exchange for a tweet promoting it. Include reader testimonials and reviews in order to add value to your content – a buying decision will come naturally.


Gather Reviews


Reviews are essential for your book to gain publicity. Consider sending it to both online and offline media review copies. Allowing people to read your manuscript is a bit risky so you’re better off granting promo codes that are provided by some booksellers or using a dedicated uploading service, like NetGalley, which will allow editors to safely download your book.


Build Your Brand on Social Media


Knowing how to build your brand, create a buzz and increase engagement on social media is essential to carrying out an effective promotion. It’s important to start talking about your ebook long before you actually publish it and create a certain kind of anticipation. The attention of your network can be channeled into an event like a launch party, where you can give out copies of your book or other specials.


Use Your Creativity


If you’ve made it as a book author, it’s likely you’ve got a creative bone in your body. You can use it not only when writing, but also during your marketing campaign. Use your book’s theme, location, or time period as an inspiration. If you think it might be a good idea, delve into the lives of your characters and channel their hobbies, lifestyle, interests or values in your promotion strategies. It’s also worthwhile investigating whether there are any relevant companies or organizations that might want to partner with you in promoting your book.



Kelly Smith works at CourseFinder, an Australian online courses resource. She also provides career advice for students and job seekers.

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