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Damnation Books announces initial Release Titles


I wanted to say Welcome to Damnation Books! This new book publisher that loves dark fiction. I will be sure to be on the lookout for this one! Thanks to Kim for the information!

Damnation Books announces initial Release Titles

Santa Rosa, CA, July 09, 2009: Damnation Books announces their initial release titles.

On September 1, 2009, Damnation Books opens for business with the following authors and titles:

· Amy Grech – Blanket of White – Horror Novel length Short Story Collection

· Christian Saunders – Apartment 14F: an Oriental Ghost Story – Paranormal/Horror Novella

· Collette Thomas – Deadly Games Book 1 in Todd Hollow Series – Thriller/Erotica novel

· Cory Cramer – Symptoms of a Broken Heart – Horror/Erotica Novella

· Ed Erdelac – Dubaku – Horror Novella

· Edward P. McDermott – On the Lake where the Loons Cry – Thriller Short story

· Mark Edward Hall – The Haunting of Sam Cabot – Horror/Psychological Novella

· Geoff Chaucer – Concubine – Horror/Erotica Short story

· James Dorr – The Garden – Science Fiction Novella

· Jason Kahn – The Killer Within – Thriller Short story

· Joel Arnold – The Siege – Science Fiction/Paranormal Short Story

· John B. Rosenman – Green in our Souls – Science Fiction Short story

· John W. Podgursky – The One-Percenters – Psychological/Thriller novella

· Lawrence Dagstine – Visitation Rights – Paranormal Short Story

· Lily – Eden Fell – Dark psychology/philosophy Novella

· Michael McLarnon – Dark Isle – Horror Novel

· Noel Hynd – The Prodigy “Author’s Revised Edition” – Thriller Novel

· Robert Appleton – Val and Tyne – Horror Short Story

· Alan Spencer – The Body Cartel – Thriller/Horror Novel

· S. A. Bolich – Who Mourns for the Hangman? – Dark Fantasy Short Story

· Ted Kehoe – Trip Trap – Horror Short Story

· Tim Marquitz – Armageddon Bound – Urban Fantasy Novel

· Yolanda Sfetsos Faithless Book 1 – Erotica Novella

· The Zombie Cookbook – Horror/Comedy Anthology

Contributing authors include: Lisa Haselton, Cinsearae Santiago, Becca Butcher, Carla Girtman, Scott Virtes, Karina Fabian, Dawn Marshallsay, Lin Neiswender, & Kate Sender.

Damnation Books publishes dark fiction: horror, dark fantasy, thrillers, paranormals, science fiction and erotica in dark settings. The company focuses on ebooks and digital books but will offer novel and novella length titles in trade paperback. www.damnationbooks.com

If you would like to review a book or interview any of these authors, please contact Kim Richards at kim@damnationbooks.com



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