How to Design an At-Home Office in Your Spare Bedroom


How to Design an At-Home Office in Your Spare Bedroom


If you’re thinking of starting a business from home, congratulations! The dreaming stage is the most important part of the journey. Use this time to explore your passion and generate an idea of the career goals you’d love to achieve. At Modernize, we embrace entrepreneurship, and we know how vital a comfortable home office is to your productivity. Here are some design tips to get your business booming.


Equip for Success

You probably want to dive right into your new venture, but take some time to set up the perfect space. You’ll thank us later!


Start by picking out the spare bedroom you’d like to turn into an office. If you have more than one, think of the space you’ll need and make sure you have a few windows to let in some natural, mood-boosting light. Take measurements of the room to shop for furniture, and take some time to sketch out what you’re looking for.


Consider your profession before you go shopping. If you’re crafting handmade goods from home, you’re going to need a lot of workspace, comfortable seating, and quality lighting. If you’re working as a CPA, you’ll need space for a computer and possibly several monitors, as well as writing space and storage for reference books and tools.


When you’re shopping for furniture, you have many options. Go for an eclectic vibe with funky, antiques that don’t exactly match, but certainly coordinate. Or go for a sleek, modern aesthetic for whichever furniture pieces you collect. There’s no wrong way to go here. Shop by your personality!


Once you pick out your furniture, set it up in a way that flows well with the space. Overcrowding is proven to promote anxiety, so if you’re in a stressful profession, balance this by creating an open traffic flow.

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