Do You Have Trouble Writing At Home?

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There are many things we can blame writers’ block, or even a momentary drop in productivity, on. However, it’s often the environment that we’re in that deserves a little more scrutiny. The wrong environment can put us at risk of distraction, influence our mood in an unintended way, and otherwise make it hard to write as much as we need to. So, how do you tackle it?

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Rethink your writing space

Perhaps you used to be able to write in a corner of your bedroom or in the kitchen just fine. As you get more serious about it, and start writing professionally, you might find that these spaces no longer work. Instead, you’re going to need to create an office space that actually helps you write. A separate, confined space designed in a way that’s as conducive to work as possible. You may even need to invest in converting a basement or a loft to open up the room needed for that office space.


Build a space for writing

You might find that working in the confines of the home no longer works well enough for you, at all. With family, entertainment, and other distractions around, it may simply become too easy to drop the pen (or take your hands from the keys, as is more likely) and forget about work. If that’s the case, then creating a space that’s away from the home, but not too far, could just be the right thing for you. Take a look at which looks at one writer’s journey in creating a writing shed, and how it helped them. Naturally, it takes a lot of investment and effort to build an additional indoor space on your property, but it may be worth it.


Consider moving to a new place

Perhaps your home just isn’t suitable to work from. If you live off your writing professionally, this can become a career-threatening move. As such, it might not be too far to consider hiring a moving team like and finding a home that’s better suited. Whether this means a home with more space, an extra room to convert into an office, or one that isn’t in as noisy a neighborhood depends on your needs and what obstacles have been getting in the way of your work up until now.


Write somewhere outside the home

You don’t have to write at home, even if you’re self-employed. You can look for co-working spaces that you can rent for a time, bringing your laptop with you or even setting up a desktop at a long-term rental. Plenty of writers have used the tried and tested coffee shop, as well. If you need to connect to the internet in any public space, however, make sure you invest in a VPN to protect your tech.

Depending how seriously you take your writing, how much you’re willing to invest in it, and how much of your actual livelihood depends on it, there are options to fit every kind of person mentioned above. Which works best for your needs?

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