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Fun Judi Fennell News!

Hi and happy August!
Things have been hectic on the writing front, between traveling to New Orleans for the Authors After Dark Conference, and publishing the first book in the BeefCake, Inc. series:Beefcake & Cupcakes, available at

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Beefcake & Cupcakes:
Lara Cavallo, a baker who’s just starting out after a divorce
Gage Tomlinson, a stripper who’s been around the block and going around again for the money for his nephew’s surgery
Cara and Bryan, two best friends who mean well
And Jeff, the ex husband who doesn’t.
Mix them all together at the social event of the season and you get one sexy batch of dancing cupcakes!
BeefCake, Inc. is the name of the Ladies’ Night Out venue that Gage and his partner Bryan have started. Magic Mike (the movie starring Channing Tatum, Matthew McConnaughey, Joe Manganiello, etc.) has nothing on these guys! Check them out on their where you’ll get a visual (not X-rated, so no worries), plus you can enter the contest I’m running to have a secondary character named after you in the next book, Beefcake & Mistakes where we learn what Bryan did in his past and how he’s going to make it all work out. Then comes Tanner’s story: Beefcake & Retakes.
The contest: Tweet, FB, sign up for my newsletter—get other people to sign up for it, and send me the info you’ve done so, or make sure they include your name in their email (with your email address – will make it easier for me to track/contact). Each time you do, you’re entered to win. The drawing will be held over Memorial Day weekend, so you have lots of time to round up your friends and get them to sign up, too, to garner yourself more points. Once your friends sign up, they, too, can enter. Other ways to win points: LIKE and Rate the book online. Earn double points for putting a review up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Goodreads and send me the link.
The legal jargon for the contest: You agree to permit me to use your name without monetary remuneration or any expectation of payment for the character I decide upon. You may be thanked in the acknowledgment page if you so desire. Every effort will be made to portray your character in a positive light, but occasionally characters do things you might not like; the use of your name is in no way a reflection on your person and you acknowledge the author’s right for artistic license. You must sign a paper to this effect before the character will be named after you. Full disclaimer/rules/winner to be listed on
Phew! Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a little snippet that isn’t on any of the LOOK INSIDE or Sample features online. (And be sure to read after the excerpt for another surprise from me.)
© Judi Fennell
“Well helloooo.” Her cousin would, of course, hone in on Gage. “Do you see that, Lara?”
Cara would be surprised to know exactly how much of that she had seen. “Uh, yeah. Nice.”
“Honey, that’s more than nice. That’s some prime real estate.”
No, he was prime beefcake, but Lara wasn’t going to share.
Lara ran her wrist against her cool soda glass. “So what are we doing for the senior center? Cake or cupcakes? Theme?”
“Seriously? You want to talk shop while there’s a gorgeous guy over there sitting all alone?”
Lara picked up the soda. “Since when are you on a manhunt? Does Nick know? And besides, this isn’t a pick up joint; it’s a restaurant. Who’s to say he’s not meeting someone?”
Oh, God, that thought hadn’t even occurred to her until right now. It should have. Gage was, as Cara had so crudely put it, a prime piece of real estate. No way was he going to be single for long. Probably had a dozen women lined up, one for every night of the week and two on weekends.
Of which she’d been one.
She took a big gulp of the soda. And proceeded to choke on a piece of ice.
Cara jumped out of her seat to whack her on the back. “You okay?”
The darn ice was stuck. And it didn’t help that half the restaurant was looking at her.
And, of course, he was in that half.
Gage was out of his seat and yanking Lara out of hers quicker than it took her to realize she was in trouble.
He wrapped his arms around her, dug his fist into her diaphragm, and jerked upward.
The ice cube flew out of her mouth.
He turned her around in his arms and she got an up-close-and-personal view of the sexiest pair of eyes she’d seen in a long, long time.
“You okay, Lara?”
“I am now.” God, he looked good. A hint of five o’clock shadow, his hair mussed, and those lips of his within kissing distance. He wore a golf shirt and khakis, and somehow, that look was just as sexy on him as the cowboy get-up and what he’d worn to the benefit.
And the nudity.
She so didn’t need to think about that. Not when Cara was watching them like a hawk.
Actually, she didn’t need to think about it period. Not because of Cara, and not because of Gage. But just because.
Cara cleared her throat and held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Cara Cavallo. Thanks for saving her life.”
It took Gage three heartbeats to look at Cara. Lara counted.
“Gage Tomlinson.” He nodded at Cara, but he didn’t let Lara go. “I’m just glad I was here to help.”
So was Lara.
“You want to join us for dinner?” Cara asked.
Lara wanted to kill her. She hadn’t been able to drink a soda when he’d been clear across the room at the bar; no way was she going to be able to eat with him at their table.
“That’d be nice. Thanks.” Gage unwound one arm from her waist, but kept the other firmly attached. “Okay with you, Lara?”
She nodded. What was she going to do, say no? Cara would never forgive her.
Though from the looks Cara was giving her, she was going to want an explanation of how Gage knew her name.
Which would lead to how Gage knew her.
Which she hoped wouldn’t lead to how well Gage knew her. As in the biblical sense.
Well, technically, she didn’t know him in the biblical sense. She’d seen the glory that was Gage, but only from a distance. A short distance, to be true, but enough to prevent biblical knowledge.
Great, she was babbling in her thoughts. Again.
She scooched into the booth, then scooched some more when Gage sat beside her.
Cara slid onto her side with her wide-eyed “you will tell me everything” look.
Lara smiled. Sort of.
“So, Gage.” Cara made a big production out of opening her napkin and putting it on her lap. “How do you know Lara?”
Gage didn’t take his eyes off her. “We met at the bridal expo.”
Lara wanted to kiss him. He really was a gentleman.
Well, she wanted to kiss him for more reasons than that, but it was a start.
“The expo?” Cara tapped her fork tines on the table. “You’re getting married?”
One side of Gage’s mouth kicked back to a smile. “Not yet, no. I was one of the vendors.”
“Really. What were you selling?”
Lara rolled her eyes. Here it comes…
Gage’s grin went full on. “Bachelorette party services.”
That was one way to put it.
Cara got it immediately. “You’re one of the strippers?”
That finally got Gage’s attention focused on Cara. “The official term is exotic dancers. What the guys take off or don’t take off is entirely up to them. And no, I don’t dance.”
Oh yes he did. He’d even offered to give her a private viewing, too.
And, in other news, I’ve dipped my toe into erotic short stories under the name of Raven Morris. These are NOT your typical Judi Fennell novels and have a heat level that is scorching, so if you’re easily offended, DON’T read them. You won’t hurt my feelings. Honest.
It’s the Tied with a Bow series, about special birthday gifts, and the first book, JACKED, is available free. Check it out!
Meet Jack. He’s an attorney during working hours, but before and after? Jack is a very fun boy. He’s into some light bondage and, oh yeah, a threesome. Debra’s never done anything like that before, but when Jack brings an old buddy of his, all wrapped up in a bow tie and nothing else, to their bed, she’s more than willing to accept this gift.
Oh, and Jack isn’t all about work and no play during office hours. After all, that would make Jack a dull boy, and he’s definitely not.
Come get JACKED with Debra.
Other books available:
Magic Gone Wild, third in the Bottled Magic series about genies.
Every Time She Uses Magic Something Goes Terribly Wrong…
Vana wishes she hadn’t dropped out of genie training. Now she’s determined to get a grip on both her genie magic and her life. But the harder she tries to fix things for her intriguing new master, the more she drives him crazy…
Except There’s Nothing Ever Wrong About Him…
Pro–football player Zane Harrison finally has control of the family estate and is determined to put to rest his grandfather’s eccentric reputation. Until he discovers that behind all the rumors is a real, live genie who stirs feelings in him he’s never known before. The more Zane tries to help Vana harness her powers, the more her madcap magic entangles his heart…
Beauty and The Best, first in the Once-Upon-A-Time Romance series
Can she cook up a recipe for love?
Jolie Gardener, personal chef by day, aspiring romance writer by night, likes to talk and does it a lot. She has to because if she stops, all the pain, disillusionment, and abandonment of her AWOL mother, question-mark father, and foster-care childhood will rise up like a chocolate soufflé on steroids, sweeping away the fragile infrastructure of her life.
But she’s fine. Really. She is.
 Or so she thinks.
Todd Best isn’t fine. He knows it. And doesn’t care.
After his wife died—the woman who believed in him when he was a struggling artist—he put painting aside, moved from their home, and lost himself in the minutiae of daily life. Alone. Private. The way he likes it.
The last thing he needs is some chatty cook seeping into the perfectly bland canvas of his life.
Or so he thinks.
So when Jonathan, a guardian-angel-in-training, turns himself into a kitten to help these two lonely souls find a happily ever after together, it ought to be a piece of cake.
 Or so HE thinks…
Happy reading and I hope you have a great rest of your summer!
Beauty and The Best, now available at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords
CATCH OF A LIFETIME~Winner, Golden Leaf
I DREAM OF GENIES~Starred Review, Publishers’ Weekly
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