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If you’re looking to score some great ebook deals right now, here’s the place to start. The following books will be discounted at Amazon all month long.



The Color Purple Collection, by Alice Walker, $3.99

Three powerful novels by bestselling author Alice Walker—beginning with her Pulitzer Prize–winning book The Color Purple.



The Lion Triumphant, by Philippa Carr, $1.99

Played out against the seething rivalry between Inquisition-torn Spain and Elizabethan England, The Lion Triumphant traces the linked fates of strong-willed Catherine Farland and Captain Jake Pennlyon.

Plantation Trilogy, by Gwen Bristow $3.99

New York Times bestselling author Gwen Bristow’s epic saga brings to life the history of Louisiana, from its settlement in the late eighteenth century to the post–World War I era, via the intertwined lives of the members of three families: the Sheramys, the Larnes, and the Upjohns.




The Nicholas Linnear Novels, by Eric Van Lustbader, $1.99

This New York Times–bestselling series is perfect for fans of the Jason Bourne novels.


U.S. Grant and the American Military Tradition, by Bruce Catton, $2.99

From Pulitzer Prize-winning author Bruce Catton comes a fascinating and insightful examination of the life and times of the victorious Civil War general who became a controversial American president.


Genesis, by Eduardo Galeano, $1.99

Eduardo Galeano’s monumental three-volume retelling of the history of the New World begins with Genesis, a vast chain of legends sweeping from the birth of creation to the era of savage colonialism.



Unexpected Stories, by Octavia Butler, $1.99

Two never-before-published stories from the archives of one of science fiction’s all-time masters.


Path of Honor, by Diana Pharaoh Francis, $1.99

For lovers of strong female characters and compelling animal companions, Path of Honor follows Reisil, a healer and heroine who must seek the knowledge of wizards and harness a dark inner force.

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