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Guest Blog: Ways to avoid getting drunk

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Denise Alicea

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How many drinks it takes to knock you off? Do you have an answer?

People from prehistoric ages are into alcohol consumption. They did it for medical, religion and recreation reasons. We do the same. But getting drunk is typically associated with recreational consumption.

Not always for fun although, people often give in to heavy drinking for short-term relief to agony they are suffering.

But whatever be the excuse to indulgence, excessive alcohol never fails to rip your internal organs and central nervous system apart. We know these effects, cumulatively, as alcohol intoxication or drunkenness. There are short-term and long-lasting effects of excessive alcohol consumptions, like,

1. Euphoria or marred coordination

2. Mood disorder and imbalance

3. Slurred speech

4. Amnesia

5. Heavy and difficult breathing

Are you ready to accept any of those symptoms for couple of hours’ fun? If not follow this article to know how to avoid getting drunk.

Allow liver to metabolize

A perfectly working liver takes 90 long minutes to digest an ounce or 28.35 ml of alcohol. Meanwhile the metabolized alcohol goes down through blood. But drink at faster pace will overstuff your digestion system. That will impair liver and set off lasting intoxication. So slow down your pegs per hour. Stretch the time between two consecutive drinks.

Food in stomach

Toxicity of alcohol recedes considerably when you drink after a meal. This has 2 benefits. Alcohol works badly on empty stomach. If it’s a regular practice it causes stomach inflammation too. So never drink in empty stomach. Besides, stomach full of food automatically limits your capacity to consume alcohol.

Drink water plenty

Water dilutes alcohol in your stomach and weakens the toxicity. So, drink plenty of water before you start drinking, between the drinks and after you finish drinking. It might sound naïve but saves organs within our body wonderfully. Alcohol also dries up your body. Regular replenishment can save you from dehydration.

Limit number of drinks

There is no such ‘rule of thumb’ limit. Everyone has his or her limits depending upon physical and mental conditions. You need to sense that for yourself. And abide by that magic number. This is an effective practice and keeps you sober throughout the parties.

Drink with people who care about you

This won’t directly save you from toxicity. But friends often limit your consumption the moment they sense you crossing the threshold. Besides, in case of any sudden illness they will know what to do.

Don’t fall down to peer-pressure

Majority of binge drinking are result of peer pressure. Your number of drinks can boost up fan-following for a while, but it always ends with undoable health implications. And these illnesses often distract people too.

If you are already an alcoholic and suffering from persistent drunkenness you have to visit physician. Abstain from drinking further and, if advised by your physician, consider hitting some rehab.

So, question we started with is not exactly what you should ask yourself. It is a no-brainer to avoid testing the limit of alcohol toxicity. It could be a point of no return.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on lexus suv attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on sports car.

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