Guest Post: How to Develop a Promotional Strategy to Motivate Employees by Rebecca


    How to Develop a Promotional Strategy to Motivate Employees


    What’s the best way to motivate your employees to behave in ways that increase your company’s chances for success? If you have an internal campaign that is geared toward employees, it’s important to develop a promotional strategy that correlates with your campaign messaging. Here are the steps to developing a promotional strategy to motivate employees.









    Define Your Objective


    Start by defining your objective. What is it that you want employees to do? If you want them to provide exemplary customer service, for instance, that could be your objective. Or you may want them to behave in ways that will boost employee morale and enhance your corporate culture through positive interactions with team members.


    Another possible objective for your campaign is to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle – so the behavior you hope to inspire in employees is that they exercise regularly with both cardio and weight training as well as eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables and lean meats.


    Finally, your objective may be to boost sales success, implement cost-saving ideas or foster an environment that is conducive to developing innovative ideas for new product development.


    Define Your Target Audience and Strategy for Reaching Them


    It’s important to define your target audience for your campaign. Will all employees be targeted or just senior management? Or perhaps the target audience is either exempt or non-exempt employees? Another possible target audience is employees who work from home or at branch locations.


    Create a Campaign Theme or Message


    Next, you’ll need to create a campaign theme or message. This can take the form of a well-crafted slogan such as a “get-fit challenge,” “workout wonder week,” “service beyond expectations,” “culture carrier cameo,” “people power,” “sales success summer,” “recruitment and referral race,” “cost savings contest,” “master motivators,” “make your mark,” etc.


    Select Products that Match Your Company or Industry


    A great way to motivate employees is by giving them branded promotional products that are imprinted with your corporate logo and campaign message. Be sure to select products that match your company or industry.


    Customized pens are both useful and versatile, and they fit a wide variety of campaigns. They are also portable, so employees will carry them everywhere they go – increasing your company’s exposure as a premium employer. Employees will also be reminded of your campaign message and slogan every time they use your customized pens. Using customized pens accomplishes multiple goals for the savvy employer.


    Work with a Professional Promotional Consultant


    The last stage in developing a promotional strategy to motivate employees is to work with an experienced promotional consultant when choosing and ordering your promotional products. These professional marketing experts can share case studies and practical applications with you, resulting in an increased knowledge base from which to work.


    Professional promotional consultants are not simply order-takers; they are experienced experts who can help you accomplish your campaign objectives in creative and unique ways.


    Author Bio: Riya Moore is a writer for HALO Branded Solutions, a leading customized products company. When he’s not working, he loves to travel and blog, so his tablet is his best friend.



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