Guest Post: How Not To Get Bored In London by Amelia Verona


How Not To Get Bored In London


London is full of tourist destinations with millions of tourists travelling every year to enjoy the warmth of the city. There are millions of thingsyou can do so as to do away with your boredom in the city. You can roam around the city; you can do shopping, and you can play in the park and many more things.

The British Museum

One can enjoy the collection from around the world starting from artifacts to exhibits. The museum has witnessed many historical events.

Buckingham palace

This is a place of British Royalty since time immemorial. There is a certain duration in which you can visit this palace. Theguardsstanding in front of thepalace are fascinating to watch out.

The Tower of London

This is otherwise known as the dungeon of London. This tower used to be a fort for British military of British royalty. This reminds us about the medieval period. This is a sort of museum now for the travelers. You can visit this place when it is allowed for public.

The tube of London

This used to be the subway for mass transfer during emergency or warlike situations.

Fleet Street

This city is a guide to all the acts of journalism happening all around the world. You can find all the newspapers around the world stuck in one place.

Watching Opera in the Royal Opera House

In thefastmovingworld, there is notimefor people to visit the opera house. You can only enjoy the charm of opera during your tours.

shoppingLondon: World’s biggest shopping destination

London markets are different from other cities. You can find all the sponsors of world’s biggest brands doing business here. You can do all types of shopping here. This city is famous for buying antiques. There are various road markets in this city where you can shop amenities that you require daily.

Savoring the test of food all round the world

London is a place of a plethora of restaurants, bars and cafes. You can find underground restaurants here. You can have traditional curries here in every other restaurant of the city. London is home for traditional fish curry. Almost all high-end restaurants offer this curry as a mark of tradition. Almost all the restaurants provide delicious Turkish food.

Enjoying the overnight life

London is full of night clubs. You can find much intimate nightlife places in London. You can booze with your friends; you can dance, and you can chat with a loud voice in places like this. Weekends are pretty enjoyable in these places.

You need a Turkey visa for visiting London and enjoying the warmth of the city. The city is so happening that even a six month visit is a very less time to cover half of its must visit places. UK has always allowed its tourists for having the best vacation ever in life. Boredom is a myth in London.

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