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Guest Post: Habits for Highly Effective Webinars by Margaret Jules

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Habits for Highly Effective Webinars

Standing out in today’s cut throat competition in business is becoming harder with every passing day. In a tough global market you need to know the ways of popping up your message all over the world to grab attention of your prospects and clients. Among the various ways of conventional and content marketing methods, webinars has emerged out the best ways of convey your message to your targeted audience. This comes with no travel costs or scheduling conflicts thus making it a powerful tool to expand your business in limited budgets and in the dispersed audiences. The below is the list of habits for highly effective webinars.


Research for the best time and date

As per your audience, the time of their internet usage would vary. In order to figure out the most suitable time to host the webinar, you need to start a small survey of your different user group asking them about the most suitable time to attend the webinar. You can use different social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and other social channels to carry out this survey. Also, carry out some testing at different times, find out the most effective one and thus stick with that time schedule only.

Select your speakers with wisdom

You could find knowledge and credibility in your potential presenter; however, he or she may be lagging behind in stage presence or personality. If this is the case, your target audience would simply check out without wasting any moment at your webinar. Hence you need to select a speaker who can easily hold the audience for long and also allow them to write some compelling script with information from your niche area matter experts.

Follow 30 minutes or less protocol

While having any webinar session, you are supposed to follow a 30 minute or less protocol. This will help your audience engaged and open up the chance to get them back in your future webinars. In case if you have recorded webinars, you can easily follow this rule without any hassle. If you look at the TED talks, these are often less than 20 minutes and people dealing these are considered as dynamic speakers in the world as they keep things short and gripping.

Avoid keeping multimedia optional

This could sound too elementary for you; however, it could add more senses in your webinar session thus making it more engaging and gripping. Using different audio and visual multimedia stuffs can certainly add up making your webinar session several times effective for your audiences. The speakers should therefore incorporate these resources in their online presentations in the form of videos, polling and chat.

Keep the entry simple

The registration for your target audience whom you want to attend the event should be kept simple. Hence it is recommended to keep the registration fields as less as possible. For instance, just adding name, company, and email with one click submit button would suffice. For some effective webinar, you should consider a web conferencing tool which doesn’t require downloading any application over their PCs or carry several complicated and long pass codes. The lesser the barriers in the entry, the more number of guests you have in your webinar.


With these highly effective webinars habits, you can make your webinars sessions more gripping and result oriented. You can become empowered in terms of your skills and tools usage and thus could end up attracting more number of people for your webinars.

About The Author: Margaret is a writer. She loves writing, traveling and playing. These days she is working on competition in business.

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