Guest Post: HOT Minds Want to Know!


When in doubt, ask the HOT. That is one of my many mottos as applied to my reader/fan secret (sortof) group on Facebook, The HOT Club. So, I put this post topic to them and asked what they most want to know about an author.

Here are their questions and my answers:

Leanne Gagnon asks: What is your favorite fan experience?

I adore it when a HOTee or stalker surprises me at a Book Fair. Recently, up in Seattle for the ECWC, Bard Drozdowich drove a couple hours to come say hello. How uber cool is that? Now I have an in person face to a name I see almost every day.

Lisa Whitman asks: Do you have dreams related to your current project?

I’ve heard of authors who wake up from a dream and that dream morphs into a book that they must write. I have yet to experience that, but I do often wake up knowing the next scene or the answer to a plot tangle. Sometimes all it takes is some R&R for my muse to get focused.

Wanda Hart asks: What music do you listen to while writing? Do you write on paper or directly type out your story on computer / type writer? Do you base your characters on people you know?

Oh, how I love to write to music. Sometimes a song will tell me a story. For instance “The Only Exception” bloomed a story in my head that is titled One Missed Kiss. It will be book two in the Witchness Protection Program series (out soon). If I’m stuck, I head to youtube and iTunes for inspiration. Recently, finding Florence and the Machine’s latest album gave me that last oomph I needed to finish long awaited Enchanted Moon. For Soul Search, I have an entire soundtrack created with lots of dark songs by Interpol and Deftones plus Grant and Leigh’s love song “This Year’s Love” by David Gray.

I write on my laptop mostly but also use journals and 3×5 cards to plot, jot down snippets that come into my head, etc.

I adore using names of people I know, but my characters often come fully formed. I’ve tried to base characters on friends and family but it turns out to be a jumping off point and they evolve into unrecognizable to original person kinds of people.

Miranda Wyatmills asks: How do you get in the mood to write the smexy stuff? What do you do when your muse yells at you to write something, but you have to finish another project for a deadline? How do you explain to the family “mommy needs to write or her head will explode with all the voices”?

For sexy, I have a list of go-to songs that always set the mood. “Feelin Love” by Paula Cole, “Electric Feel” by MGMT and “Sail” by AwolNation are my current faves. Oh, and “Til the End of Time” by Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Yum!

When my muse, Milla, wants something, she tends to get it. I find if I appease both, by plotting the new idea or creating a soundtrack, Milla will cater to both stories and split the excitement difference. I also try to feed my muse with lots and lots of chocolate. She thrives on it.

I’ve learned to stop explaining and just do it. I sneak in writing in my journal, a paragraph here and there. I wrote Play Fling on my breakfast bar, standing with each child taking turns pulling my pajama pants down. I’ve learned that going insane is far more fun on the page and so I sneak in as much as I can.

Chelsea Rafferty asks: Do writers ever write backwards? Write maybe the middle of the book, then add stuff at the beginning and end?

Ah, yes, those mysterious authors like Erin Quinn and Jennifer Crusie who write as the scene arrives in their imaginations, who write in any order they get in their heads, including at the end backwards. That idea gives me hives. For me, I must know where I’m going aka what this happily ever after looks like, in order to stay on track, but I’m a sequence writer. I can genre jump and even title jump, just don’t throw me in the middle!

Thank you so much, HOTees for your excellent questions and for just being you. Thank you, Denise, too, for all your support. Heart you! Want in the HOT Club? Awesome. Just friend me on Facebook and let me know. Warning, though: I spoil the HOT!


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