Guest Post: Ways to ensure success for your viral marketing content by Gianna Harper

Ways to ensure success for your viral marketing content

Having a great piece of writing is not enough to make it go viral. It requires a lot of hard work to make your content reach a larger audience.

With valuable and interesting content at hand, the next step is to make your content popular across various social platforms. Below are a few tips to help your content go viral.

Think about user experience

When users visit your website for some information and find your site stuffed with ads, they won’t be able to get what they want. This makes them frustrated and they may leave your site. So, put yourself into the shoes of your readers and design a pretty, clean and valuable web site that makes them to return.

When designing a blog, most of us would stick to the standard format: ads at the beginning and end of your post, content in the middle and a few buttons in the sidebars. If it works well follow the same format. Whatever format you choose, it should be easy for visitors to focus on your content. Thus, when visitors are brought to your site through Google search results, they get exactly what they are looking for.

Add social buttons

If you make your content easy to share then it can go anywhere. Using social media channels like Twitter and Facebook to share your content and make it go viral can be a great advantage.  Adding social buttons on your page can help your readers share your content with others, which makes your message seen by masses.

Make sure the content you share is valuable

If the heading of your post or the content itself is something strange then people would feel stupid to share it with their circle and it won’t go viral. Keep in mind when somebody shares something on social platforms, it reflects their personality.

Marketing and advertising

If you want to make your content go viral then you need to have a good marketing strategy as well as a smart advertising plan. By doing so, you can take your content in front of a larger audience.

Use visual elements

People like images. On social media channels, when you post something on your wall, Facebook and Google+ automatically collect the images from your article. If these images look amazing on Facebook or Twitter, your content is likely to be shared by a larger audience.

Also, when you have a short piece of content but it has appealing visual elements in it, such as infographics or graphs; it will sound much better than writing alone. Infographics are nothing but talking pictures that deliver the right message to your audience. Do some research to collect valuable data, create your own charts and show your creativity in the form of infographics. By doing so, you can definitely enhance the readership to your page and make your content more engaging.

Make your readers speak

It is not easy for your content to go viral without readers. And readers are not interested with your site unless they are allowed to express their views. Ability to voice their opinions on the site with the author is a great thing a reader enjoys doing when he finds the post valuable and interesting. Hence, you should always add a comment section at the end of your posts. Also, if a reader wants to contact you, he/she must be directed to the contact page on your site.

Check your content

Readers love content which is valuable, error free and well written. So, once you are through with your research work and have created an article, you need to spend time on checking it for errors both in facts and grammar, before you actually submit it.

Try a URL shortener

When readers find your post interesting and want to share it in their circle, it will be difficult for them if your site’s URL is too lengthy. Twitter and Facebook offers limited space to compose anything. It is here where URL shortener comes in. Twitter tools like helps to shorten URL length which is easy to remember.

Capture the latest trends

Major search engines like Google have recently changed their algorithm and look for fresh content. This means the search engines give more importance to timely updates. So it is crucial to compose timely content on latest trends to hit other similar contents on the same topic. Once your content gains popularity on search results, it automatically goes viral.

Craft interesting and valuable content

An effective way to make your content go viral is to create content that is helpful and interesting to your readers. Readers will share your post only when they find it useful and interesting. Also, you need to have catchy headlines for all your articles. Good, catchy headlines add more weightage to your SEO and make your content go viral.

Following these tips will certainly ensure success in viral marketing your content.

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