Halloween-Themed Xbox Games to Play Right Now

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Halloween-Themed Xbox Games to Play Right Now

What are some fun Halloween-themed games to play on Xbox? 

Microsoft’s newest consoles are packed with amazing features including 4K streaming capability. It also has its own app store where developers can create custom apps. Below, we discuss some of our favorite Halloween-themed games that would be perfect for playing during this spooky season. We talk about which ones we recommend, why they’re great, and how easy they are to pick up and play!

We hope you enjoy this list and can spend a little time looking back at Halloween through these awesome titles. Happy Gaming!

Halloween-Themed Xbox Games List

Here is our top list of Halloween-themed games to play on Xbox. Make sure that you take a break from your online casino Australia gaming to enjoy these titles. 

  1. The Wolf Among Us – Episode 2 “Hell is Empty”

On top of Telltale releasing their first full game in almost 3 years, they decided to release a prequel story set right after where the original episode left off, titled “Hell is Empty”. This second episode focuses more heavily on gameplay than telling a standalone story, but it does take place immediately following the events of the former episode, giving us insight into what happens next. Unfortunately, because there aren’t many hours of content here, we were unable to fully review it yet.

  1. Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1

Minecraft: Story Mode returns this fall with all five episodes available for purchase starting September 12th. This series brings together classic characters and worlds players have known and loved for generations in new ways while exploring themes and topics of bullying, friendship, and kindness. What began as a humble survival sandbox has grown over the past decade to include numerous spinoffs, mobile games from https://fr.crazyvegas.com/, books, comics, toys, apparel, and even theme park attractions!

  1. The Forest

We’ll admit that we’ve never played any form of Animal Crossing prior to actually reviewing this game. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t know anything about it though; we just hadn’t taken the time to get familiar. Playing The Forest is a completely different animal than most other Animal Crossing games, so if you’re hoping to use it as a gateway drug into the world of Nintendo life, we wouldn’t necessarily suggest playing it beforehand. Don’t let that discourage you though, because once you start playing your brain won’t want to leave.

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