How Do I Learn Astrology

Astrology has won the hearts of many since the time of its conception. It’s the kind of science that is not only formulas and facts, but also a whole bunch of fascinating phenomena and predictions. If pursued with zeal and dedication, astrology can introduce you to a great expansion of your consciousness. You will be able to interpret the reason behind one’s past events and predict the events about to occur in their future.

Have you been seeing repeating numbers like the angel numbers 444 at random places lately? Has the curiosity to learn astrology recently knocked on your door? If yes then you have arrived at the right place. Below are a few simple steps that you can take to open the doors of planets and stars for yourself.


Start with yourself

The most easily accessible glimpse of an astrological prototype that you can get is your own birth chart. This chart essentially contains the projection of the planets at the time when you were born. All you need to know is the date, time and place of your birth to get this chart. There are various websites where you can enter this information and your birth chart will be generated for free.

Now that you have it, study it and try to absorb all that you can. Note down the different positions and symbols that you see. You might not understand a whole lot in the beginning, but this task will surely set your learning side in motion.

Go online

The internet is a fathomless pool of free knowledge. And if you are just starting out, you should consider equipping yourself with some information before you invest money in a full-fledged degree in astrology.

Use the web to get your birth chart interpreted for free. Read the interpretations given by different web platforms and see what is common amongst all. There are many free online resources where you can read about the particular positions of the planets in your chart.

Befriend the books

Astrology being an ancient science holds its most valued information in the books that were written and rewritten ages ago. Find yourself some reputable beginner astrology books and start from the very beginning.

Now, not all literature printed in the name of astrology is all that reliable. But the introductory books are usually all the same and give correct information. As you read more and more, you will be able to tell what’s worth and what’s not.

Expand your base



Understanding the interpretations of your own chart should give you a pretty good start on planetary movements and positions. To take this practice further, you can perform the same steps with the birth charts of your friends and family. The closer you are to them, the better you will be able to understand the link between their chart and their real life. To shake it up, you can try to interpret the birth charts of celebrities you like.

Make friends

The best way to learn something new is to be around people who are on the same path as you. Again, the internet can be of great help in this case. You can find like-minded people on social media platforms or by joining forums dedicated to astrological discussions. This will not only expand your knowledge but also make the whole experience more fun.

If you are not a fan of social media, you can always look for meet-ups or lectures happening in your area. After all, nothing can beat a one to one interaction.

Commit to a class

If you are someone who would rather take up traditional ways of learning then you should go for a class on astrology. Being in a proper ambiance with a dedicated teacher or professor can expedite your progress greatly.

If you are residing in a fairly big city or town, you should easily be able to find a class that fits your schedule. If not then you can always go for online courses which you can do at your own pace.

Join an organization

The road to learning astrology can get overwhelming if you are not following the right channels. The best way to not get lost is to associate yourself with a reputed astrological organization. Visit VirtueUp if you want to learn more on this topic. There are several organizations set up across the world that facilitate networking amongst astrologers.

Many of these establishments also roll out research journals and publications full of great information on new astrological advancements. Not only that, but you can also sign up for their mailing lists and stay updated about the conferences, retreats and networking sessions that they hold.


The world of astrology can be really exciting if you align your interests with it the right way. So, follow the little guide given above and step into the mesmerizing realms of future predictions, angel numbers, and what not.

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