How to Stay Organized Around the House

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How to Stay Organized Around the House

According to a survey by IKEA, the single biggest cause of stress in the home is having “too much stuff.” Taking time to declutter, organize and stay organized, can make a major difference in the tranquility level of the residence. Whether you plan to put your property on the market among the Memphis houses for sale or just want to reduce the stress and enjoy better home living, these tips can help you make it happen. 


Toss and Donate

Decluttering is the first and arguably most important for getting organized. The general rule says to donate or toss anything you haven’t used in the past year. Work through your house room by room, separating items into a “keep,” “toss” or “donate” pile. You might follow the KonMari method, or the “art of decluttering,” as it’s also referred to by keeping only what “sparks joy.” The bottom line is that you’ll want to donate or throw away as much as possible, making sure the items you keep truly make you feel happy.



Once you know what you’re going to keep, start organizing by determining the spaces in your home that need it most. Then write down a list of goals that you can work through one by one, which can help you stay motivated by seeing how you’re progressing. 


Break it Down into More Manageable Mini-Projects

Organizing your entire home can seem overwhelming, so you might want to break it down into mini-projects, tasks you can do in shorter, perhaps 30- to 60-minute periods. Focus on one room at a time instead of popping back and forth from room to room. As you organize if you mind you still have too much “stuff” you may need to ask yourself once again if each item is something you truly need and makes you happy.



Containers are important for storage and organization but before you go shopping, make sure you have the available space by measuring. When you buy, be aware that square containers hold more items, they tend to be sturdier and can save space as they can be stacked. While clear containers make items visible, if you want spaces to look tidier, go with opaque.


Keep Spaces Clutter-Free Once They’re Organized

Getting organized is just the beginning – staying organized is often the most challenging part. To make it easier, if you have empty spaces, they’re more likely to attract junk, so you may want to place a decorative item in them, perhaps a nice vase. Instead of piling mail on a table, get a small basket for it. You can also take advantage of vertical space by installing hooks for things like keys and purses. 


Dedicate Time Every Day to Organization

If you dedicate just a few minutes a day to staying organized, it will help keep things from piling up. Plan daily to go from room to room doing a quick scan to make sure anything you use or wear is put in the place where it belongs. It’s easy to leave a few shirts on your bed, a pair of shoes by the front door and even dishes in the sink, but when that happens those little piles can quickly become big messes.


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