How to use your iPod/MP3 Player to Inspire and Motivate Your Writing

I remember back in the day when there were only CDs. I used to make mix CDs in order to keep me motivated with songs that inspired me to write poetry or that of a scene I needed for the novels I was writing. With technology constantly changing, the blessing of the MP3 players came along. Since then I have learned all I could in order to figure out how to use it and how to share my love of music with others out there. So it got me thinking how I could share how to create a playlist with songs that inspire and motivate all fellow writers write!

I would have to say that one of my favorite music players is the iPod due to it’s versatility, simplicity to use, being compact, and it’s looks. The software that came along with it called iTunes is also one of my favorites. iTunes allows the user to control what goes on the iPod and allows you create easy playlists that you can play on your iPod and in iTunes.

If you are familiar with the process of using iTunes then you know there is a left hand side bar that allows you to make playlists with the click of a button. You can name the playlist and then begin to drag songs to that playlist. Syncing your iPod allows you put this playlist and take it on the go with you. See my example on the above. I created a playlist on the left hand side and named it White Rider Project (after a novel I am editing), I then dragged songs to the playlist. I took songs that reminded me of the characters, a particular scene, or that I preferred listening to while writing. Now I can listen to them on a loop while writing, add more songs (if you so choose), and even take them with you the go!
There are also many other programs/ Mp3 players you can use besides Apple products should they not strike your fancy. There is Windows Media player and the Zune is also out there. Google is a great resource to use should you want to look into getting an Mp3 player out there at a bargain price.
We all know how important music is. We see it in movies all the time. The beautiful score right before a big battle or even the during the scene where the hero and heroine kiss. Music is what moves us and inspires us to write. It helps us relive those moments that are most cherished to us.
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