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Indie Authors: Are You Making These 6 Grave Mistakes?

Indie Authors: Are You Making These 6 Grave Mistakes?

Self-publishing is a big business that has the potency to take your writing career to the next level in no time. For rookie indie authors, however, this business is still a dark art that they need to master. It is common to see so many newbie indie authors making serious blunder with publishing their book which cost them in the long run.

For those inexperienced indie authors, we present here the 6 mistakes they must avoid if they want to make their book a success:


  1. Doing the Editing Yourself

Editing is one of the most critical parts prior to publishing a book. It entails two major processes that include copyediting and formatting. The first part involves the grammatical review and spelling corrections, while the second part requires setting tone and style of the book according to the theme. Both of these jobs demand professional expertise which is not your cup of tea.


Luckily, you’ll find plenty of professional and experienced online editors who can perform the creative and technical corrections in your writing piece at reasonable rates. All you need to do is find an editor who has knowledge and skills in your particular area of subject.


  1. Not Pitching Your Book

Just like other forms of writing, self-publishing is only successful when you are able to promote your book to the intended readers. Nonetheless, it is depressing to see so many indie authors lacking skills in marketing their book to their target audience. Sounds ironic, isn’t?

Being a writer gives you an edge to use your knowledge and writing prowess to blow trumpet of your book using the power of blogging and social media. So you should stay active in blogging and social media marketing about your book as it approaches to the launch and let the readers know why your book deserves a read.

While you do it, you can share with your audience the unique selling point of your book and the nitty-gritty factoids that make it an interesting piece for the readers.

  1. Doing the Designing Yourself

In a bid to save money, a chunk of indie authors design their book by themselves which often turns out to be a disaster. Remember that the design is the crucial aspect of book and doing it wrongly can severely affect the chances of its success. To avoid facing the music of your miserable design skills, it is better to hire a professional graphic designer who can do create the right design that lends the right style to your book.

  1. Lacking a Strategy

Self-publishing is a serious business that requires a strategy to make it successful. For the return of your investment and hard work, it is important that you make a strategy to counter the potential risks to success of your book. Therefore, it is important to set your goals, identify the issues and set solutions prior to publishing your book. What you need to do is work out your expenses, make connections with the concerned people and set a suitable time for the launch of your book.

  1. Not Taking Feedback

Many indie authors make the mistake of publishing their books without asking for any feedback from their target audience. This keeps the authors oblivion of the mistakes that are likely to hurt the chances of success of their books.

Seeking second opinions can be a great way to polish your book and make it free from the content that might not go well with your audience. In this context, you can run a survey or poll and invite the people to share their opinions about the intended topic, style and content of your book. Consider their approval and disapproval as an indicator of what should be included in your book and what not.

  1. Failing to Test the Book on Different Formats

Too often, self-publishers make the mistake of using only one format to showcase their book. If your book looks fantastic on a computer screen, it will not necessarily also look the same in the print form. Therefore, you must not make the mistake of launching your book without first testing its results in different formats. Self-publishing is a challenging task that demands your time and efforts. After slogging your days and nights in writing, formatting and publishing, would you like to make your hard work go in vein? By sharing these 6 grave mistakes, we help you increase chances of success of your book.


About Ashleigh:

Ashleigh Everston is working as a senior academic advisor at a company that provides dissertation writing assistance in UK. When not working, She enjoys reading different lifestyle, education and graphic design blogs.

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