Infographic: Famous Writers’ Insults

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Denise Alicea

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Writing is both an art and science: one has to master the right techniques on articulation of ideas while ensuring the moment is just set for the readers. Famous writers’ insults have been known to hit hard on most writers, especially online. Critics have always found a reason to castigate you no matter what. However, a positive gesture can be drawn from these jibes. You do not wake up one morning and start putting down anything that flows through your mind and expect the best of lauds from the world! There is always a difference between writing and typing: writing is an incisive art that entails understanding of the subject matter and the context of your readers while typing involves mare putting down of ideas regardless of their applicability. The famous writers’ insults have all along provided an inner look into what others have done to help writers benchmark their thoughts before or even after they have published their word. Screaming loud in your writing style would not give you any mileage unless it is relevant to the situation. Do not try so hard to put across a point whose time and relevance has been surpassed. Make sure your readers get the message in the outright context otherwise your work is as needless as a screaming child in the hospital. Enjoy the infographic from Aussiewriter writing service!

famous writers' insults

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