Infographic: How to Find a Muse at Home: Workplace Organization by Emily Johnson

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How to Find a Muse at Home: Workplace Organization

Have you ever noticed that your workplace at home impacts you?

Many freelancers plan working process and spending time with their families, and such lifestyle impacts their productivity a lot. To stay focused, freelance workers need to have a comfortable workplace that could influence their motivation.


There are several steps to organize your workplace at home, and these steps can help you find a muse for inspiration. One thing you should do is keep reading this article attentively.

First and foremost, keep all important things next to you. Every freelance worker has a set of items he/she uses daily. Don’t waste your time, looking for a sticker or a highlighter; know their places on your writing desk. It is high time to not let your muse go.

Working on a freelance means to manage your time. It is good if you work hard, but don’t forget to relax from time to time. Change a computer zone to a non-computer one, and try to get inspiration here: rest a bit, read useful articles, take a cup of tea. Success is near!

There is nothing more important than health. Notice that a lack of physical activity can lead to serious health problems: stand up every 20 minutes or work standing. Don’t forget to pick up a comfortable chair. You are in charge of your health!

By the way, we have found the infographic by OmniPapers, a visual guide for workplace organization. Don’t be greedy, share it with your friends and colleagues. It can help you find a muse, indeed!

Do you have your secrets of inspiration boosting? Drop us a line then!


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