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Interview with author of Crossline, Russ Colchamiro!


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Book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ8fey7_4VA

My Web site: www.russcolchamiro.com

Amazon page: http://amzn.to/10tLKkC


CROSSLINE is about America astronaut Marcus Powell who, while testing the prototype Crossline warp thrusters, is forced through a wormhole and into a parallel Universe — including a parallel Earth — where he finds himself at the heart of a civil war he may have been destined for all along.

Teamed up with a gorgeous, trigger-happy rebel leader, a pot-smoking Shaman, a crafty pie maker, and a weary soldier who hates his guts, Powell must survive a cross-country rescue mission and his own trippy vision quests long enough for his wife and young daughter on his home Earth to outsmart the corporate executive who launched the Crossline flight, and whose own secrets may prevent Powell from ever making it back alive.


Q: Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

A: I live in Queens, NY, married with two kids and a crazy dog. I’m a baseball junkie, and I love to travel whenever I get the chance, which hasn’t been much since fatherhood came along! And I probably shouldn’t watch it as much as I do, but The Big Bang Theory is total comfort food for me. When it’s on, all is well.


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

Published through Crazy 8 Press, Crossline is a rollicking space adventure about an American space pilot — Marcus Powell — who has been selected to test Taurus Enterprises’ Crossline prototype ship and its newly developed warp thrusters, which, if successful, will revolutionize space travel as we know it.

But during his journey Powell is forced through a wormhole and into a parallel universe —including a parallel Earth — where he finds himself at the center of a civil war he may have been destined for all along.

On this other Earth, he reluctantly teams up with a gorgeous, trigger-happy rebel leader, a pot-smoking Shaman, a crafty pie maker (watch out for her!), and a weary soldier who really hates his guts. Powell then has to survive a cross-country rescue mission with them and some trippy vision quests long enough for his wife and young daughter — who are back on his home Earth — to outsmart Taurus’ reclusive CEO, whose own secrets may prevent Powell from ever making it back home.


So what you’ve got with Crossline is a really fun scifi adventure, mixed in with humor, action, and mystery to solve. I think people will dig it.


The origin of Crossline is two-fold. It began as a short story trilogy I wrote in high school, around 1987 or so, very loosely based on the ‘troubles’ in Ireland, even though I really knew almost nothing about it. Ha! And then about ten years later I started working on a space adventure comic book idea. It never saw publication, but I knew I wanted to tell this epic adventure as a novel. But the short story trilogy is really the heart of Crossline. The space component then gave it a setting to become fully realized.


It’s a bit more intense than the novel itself, but here’s a pretty cool book trailer to give you a scope of the novel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ8fey7_4VA

Q: How do you create your characters?

A: I’m what I guess you’d call a method writer. I need to get into the headspace of each character, and try to think and feel the way they experience a situation, and see the world through their eyes. I want each character to feel real. Even though I’ve never written a play, I write dialogue as such, putting characters in a room, or elsewhere, injecting some tension, and them letting them have at it. It allows me to just let it fly, and then see how it feels. Though I won’t do this for all future books, for the first few I’ve been switching POVs so as to tell the story in a more ‘epic’ fashion. It takes me a little longer, because I have to ‘exit’ one character, sort of an authordude cleanse, and then try to inhabit the next character. And then go back and for as needed. So far it seems to be working well.


Q: What inspires and what got you started in writing?

A: I’m not sure where it comes from, but I have to write. It’s not just something I enjoy, it’s an impulse. It’s a drive. I’m happier when I write, and I get cranky — and sometimes truly unhappy — when I don’t. Saying that out loud, it sounds like an addiction—ha! Maybe I need a 12-step program. But I like to think of it as a calling. It’s who I am and what I do. You simply can’t take the writer out of me.


As for when it all began? I wrote some short stories when I was in the fourth grade (or maybe younger, I can’t remember), and then rediscovered that love in high school. I took another break, got back into it in college, and then once I hit my mid-20s, there was no turning back. I actually started with short stories. It’s a great medium, but I’m terrible at it. I find it too restricting, which is odd, since I love writing comic book scripts, and I think I have some skill there. But ultimately I prefer long form. Novels — and some upcoming novellas — are best for me. I need the elbow room to let the story and characters go where they want. I’m also toying around with some television and movie scripts.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)

A: I take notes wherever I am. The classic scene of a writer scribbling ideas on the back of receipts and cocktail napkins. I’m the living cliché. But when it comes to the pure writing process I either write long-hand on the subway, and then transpose my notes later, or I sit at my desk at home. Usually early in the morning. I’m a creature of habit.


How do you get your ideas for writing?

A: I have no idea! I never sit down and think, ‘Okay, I need to come up with a novel. What should I write about?’ The ideas just seem to form organically, sort of coming to me from the ether. At random times and places I’ll have that a-ha! moment where I just ‘get it’ and then I’m frantically scribbling ideas so I don’t forget them.


What do you like to read?

A: When it comes to novels, I’ve read many of the classics and Shakespeare and all that, but I typically enjoy books that make me laugh. Christopher Moore is one of my favorites. But I also love to read comic books and graphic novels. And there it’s a mix of superhero, noir, fantasy, and slice-of-life. I also read a lot of non-fiction, which strongly informs my fiction. On the surface I write fun popcorn books that are not meant to be taken seriously. But beneath the surface I layer the text with the underpinnings of philosophy, mythology, psychology, history, and world religions. These topics are important to me personally, so they are infused in my own writing. To me life is a grand experiment, and my fiction reflects that.


Q: What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?

A: Write every day. Make the commitment. Your life will always be filled with distractions, some legitimate, some not. We all need to pay for our lives somehow, and some of us have families, and those are commitments that need to be met no matter what. But try not to fall victim to watching too much TV or Web surfing! And with iPads and smartphones, it’s all too easy to goof off. If you are serious about writing, decide that it’s a priority, and stick to it. We make time for the things that are important to us. Only you know how important writing is to you. But if you want suggestions … pick a time and a place to write every day, and do it. And don’t worry if you have a good writing day or not. Some days will be better than others. The routine is critical. A good way to drive you forward is set a word count for yourself—500 words, 1,000 words, 1,500 words—whatever makes sense for your project. And then do everything you can to hit that target. And don’t beat yourself up if you fall a little short. Just get back to it the next day. If you stick with it, over time you’ll accomplish quite a bit.


Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: My first novel, Finders Keepers, is loosely based on a series of backpacking trips I took through Europe and New Zealand, set against a quest for a jar that contains the Universe’s DNA. Think American Pie meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s been very well received, and there’s more to come.

Right now I’m about half way through the second novel in the three-book series. I also plan to write various stand-alone novels and novellas based on that universe alone.

Readers interested in my books can by them from multiple sites, including Amazon: http://amzn.to/105ekuk.


You can also find me at www.russcolchamiro.com, on Twitter @authorduderuss, and my Facebook author page at www.facebook.com/RussColchamiroAuthor.



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