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Interview with author of Desperation, D.W. Carver!

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Kate thought that once her mother died, the pain she had caused would end. Then she discovered that a letter had been sent to a prominent television presenter on her mother’s orders taunting him with the fact that Kate now held photographs which would ruin him and probably lead to his arrest. Suddenly Kate is running for her life. She seeks help from Rob, a much older man whom she has only known for a very short time.

While at his London apartment, she rescues a teenage girl, Vickie, from a street pimp and over the following days finds a bond growing between them that feels like a lot more than friendship; but with both their lives now in danger there is no time for thoughts of anything but escape and survival.


Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

I live in East London, England with my wife and two adult sons. Back in the day I was a community mental health counselor.


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

Most of my lead characters are female who have suffered mentally in their childhood or later years. This common theme comes from the strength and resilience I saw within many of my clients. None of the significant adults I encountered in my working life were as bad as Kate’s mother (although it was close). I wanted to explore the hidden power in a young woman.


How do you create your characters?


They tend to create themselves. I start with a very broad personality and put them in situations where their limits can be explored.


What inspires and what got your started in writing?


I used to tell myself stories to help me sleep before I learnt to read and write. Actually writing them down once I learnt how; just seemed like a natural progression.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)


I like total silence when I am thinking about a story but do most of my composing at the keyboard; then whether it is noisy around me or not doesn’t seem to matter.


How do you get your ideas for writing?


Writing is a mind-set – everyday events go through the filter of composition: will this or that work in the story. I once alarmed an old lady on the street by saying loudly ‘That’s it! Carol singers!’, when seeing some at work gave me an excellent way to solve a story problem.


What do you like to read?


Thrillers mostly. Harlen Coban is my favourite.


What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?


Keep at it. Be ready for a lot of disappointment and don’t expect to make a living from your chosen trade.




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