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Interview with author of Dreams of the Highlander by Sarah Hoss!



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Book Blurb:

After suffering with the loss of his wife and child, fierce Highland warrior Alexander Macpherson vows to never love again—but now his recurring dream of a beautiful woman is haunting him every night.

Marlana Crawford has sworn off men after the love of her life cheated on her but when she reveals her dreams of a sexy Scot to her friends, they encourage her to take a trip abroad in the hopes of finding out the meaning of her dreams.

Now, one careless wish lands Marlana in 18th century Scotland and into the arms of Alexander but to conquer his pain he must learn to love again, or will he allow his bitter enemy to lay claim to her for himself?

Chapter 1

“Love looks with the mind, not with the eyes.”

William Shakespeare

Newtonmore Scotland, 1701

“Mairi,” he whispered.

“I love ye with all of my heart.” The evidence of that love clung to her soft voice.

Alexander swallowed the lump of fear that rose in his throat. “I love ye, too.” He lowered his gaze to their beautiful son nestled in his arms. Brown hair dusted the little head and he gently ran his hands over the silky forehead as he fought back tears.

“I want ye to be happy, Alexander.” A blanket of confusion covered him as she turned away in sadness to stare out the window.

“What are ye saying, Mairi? Ye’re going to be fine.” He said it with as much conviction as he could muster. His hand cupped her cheek, his thumb slowly brushing strokes back and forth.

Alexander readjusted himself on the bed. She turned then, to stare back into his eyes, her hand grasping his. The sadness had left and in its place, determination settled in.

“No, I won’t and we both know it.” She swallowed with difficulty. “Promise me, Alexander. Promise me ye willna grieve for me forever.” He watched, stunned, as her hand dropped from his.

Alexander heard his mother sobbing in the background as he sat there with his stillborn son held tightly in his arms and watched his wife slip peacefully from this world.




Sarah Hoss grew up believing she could try anything and if she set her mind to it, she would succeed. Sixteen years of dance lessons, Cheerleading, and school plays proved to her that her parent’s words rang true. Writing was no exception. Reading the Outlander series made her fall in love with time travels and the historical places books could take her. Always a child with a vivid imagination, she realized as an adult, she could put her imagination to good use and began writing. Marrying her very own hero, they live in Indiana in the town where she grew up. They have three beautiful children and one hyper dog. When Sarah isn’t writing, she enjoys gardening, camping, and watching her kids’ play sports.


Where to find Sarah-

Website- www.sarahhoss.com

Blog- www.heart-of-romance.blogspot.com

Twitter- @SarahHoss1

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Hoss/237219983049037



Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

I am from a small town in Indiana about 20 miles from Purdue University. We have a big Amish community where I live.

Tell us about your book?

How did it get started? Dreams of the Highlander came from my reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabladon. She is the reason I got hooked on historical romance and time travels. Dreams of the Highlander is about two souls finding each other. Two souls trying to overcome heartache and the willingness to start anew.


Where do you write?

Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?) I write in my living room where I have the TV on for noise. I like to eat Twizzlers. They help me think.

How do you get your ideas for writing? From life. I love to people watch and I think I see the world differently now because I have to describe things in my writing so I am really looking at things.


What do you like to read?

I love historical romance books.

What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing? Keep going! Dreams of the Highlander took me 6 years from starting to becoming published. Be patient. One last thing, find a critique partner. It is so helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to help in the editing process.







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