Interview With A Hero: Highland Warrior Donell MacDuff

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Denise Alicea

This blog was created by Denise in September 2008 to blog about writing, book reviews, and technology. Slowly, but surely this blog expanded to what it has become now, a central for book reviews of all kinds interviews, contests, and of course promotional venue for authors, etc

I’ve seen interviews done before with the characters from stories, and I found them so entertaining! So I asked Donell, the hero from my latest release, Warrior In A Box, if he would be up for it, and he obliged me…

Without further ado, I give you a new blog series I’ll be doing, “Interview With A Hero.”

Eliza Knight: Welcome Donell! And thank you so much for joining me this evening. Can I offer you a glass of wine?

Donell: *laughing seductively* No, thank ye. Ye ken what happens when a glass of wine gets involved, don’t ye?

EK: Naughty boy. Hmm… *Thinking to self, I really like all the thoughts he’s conjuring up in my mind…but Lainie might just throttle me.* How about a cup of tea?

D: *winks* That would be nice. I am excited to be here. Getting to ken me readers will be a lot of fun.

EK: It will be. So please, tell us a little about yourself.

D: *Shifts in seat, kilt shifts a little too* As ye ken, I’m a Highland warrior. I was laird of me clan, the MacDuffs. I have a twin brother, Ian. I’m 6’5, with dark brown hair and green eyes. Since I spend a lot of time outdoors, I’ve always got a tan. And lately Lainie’s been bugging me to grow a goatee.

EK: I like a man with a goatee… *chews on bottom lip* Now that you are not training as much with your other warriors, how do you keep up that delicious physique?

D: *looks down at his impeccably hot body* I still do some training, I ride horses, sword play, boxing, and every now and then, Lainie drags me to the gym. We go for long walks in the evening, and *long pause and crooked grin* A night— or day— of long hot passionate love making is really good for keeping in shape.

EK: *Sigh* Yes, I can imagine it is… You still keep up a pretty active lifestyle, what do you like to eat after a long day of—exercise?

D: Me favorite thing to eat is something that Lainie makes, I never had it before in the Highlands, spaghetti and meatballs. Have ye heard of it?

EK: Oh yes, that is quite delicious. Now you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m dying to know—what is your favorite way to pleasure a woman in bed?

D: * smiles wickedly * You ken, Eliza. Now who’s being naughty?

EK: Phew! *fanning self* It’s getting hot in here…and I suppose I do know. I guess the readers will have to check out your story to find out *wink wink* What do you like most about Lainie’s time, and what do you like most about your own time, 1647?

D: What I miss about me own time are the rolling hills and sweet smell of nature. Ye can ride through the lands and fall into a grassy meadow with yer lady love, or take a dip in a hot spring without interruption. My favorite thing about present day is showers—not only is it nice to have hot water at yer disposal, but the possibilities…are endless.

EK: I think I need a cold shower. Do you have a question for your readers?

D: Aye, I do. What would ye do if a Highland warrior came to ye?

EK: Oh, I can’t wait to hear the answers to that question! I’d ravish him—and then apologize profusely to my darling husband, lol. Well again, thank you so much for letting me interview you! Tell Lainie, I said hello.

D: The pleasure was all mine. *kisses my hand in the most excruciatingly delicious way*

EK: Oh, no, trust me, it was all mine. *Wicked smile*

I hope you enjoyed the interview! I’ll do the next installment later this month with Ryder from my upcoming Regency release, Her Captain Returns. And look for Ian’s interview, Donell’s twin brother, from Lady In A Box, in February.


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Love this! Great addition to the blog! To answer Donell’s question.. I am so there! hehehe Question for Donell.. does he have friends? hehehe

Eliza Knight

Eliza says: Thanks Denisse! I am so with you on that!!

Donell says: I have lots of friends. I’m bringing them to the Yule party *wink*

Lisa Griffin

This was so very good, Eliza. Great job. I had no trouble visualizing him. Hehe!! Trouble is…I can’t stop. What would I do with a Highland Warrior?? Well…what would any warm blooded American woman do? *wink*
Kisses to Donell…he sounds delicious. 🙂

Eliza Knight

Eliza: Lol Lisa! I have the same problem 🙂

Donell: *Winks seductively* Kisses back my lady


I’d have to tell my DH to leave for awhile! I can’t wait for the next interview

Eliza Knight

Eliza: Me too Ann!

Donell: And it’d be a looonng while *sexy laugh*


Tell Donell to send me his daddy. Because the apple never falls far from the tree. LOL

I’d let him soak in a nice warm tub or enjoy a hot shower while I made him a nice barley stew. I’d pop the cork on a bottle of chilled scuppernong and allow him to enjoy our delicious native grape wine.

Then we can settle into an evening of serious discussion and enjoyment of life because we know how to appreciate the years and experiences it brings. For us it is quality in all forms.

Eliza Knight

Eliza: E, you’ve got the right idea woman!

Donell: I’m jealous E! But I think me father is pretty excited… In fact he’s scrambling right now to find the brooch that will bring him to ye. Have fun *wink*


Oh my…is it hot in here or is it just Donell?
Well done, Eliza!
Loved it!

Eliza Knight

It is hot in here isn’t it Julia? and he is steamin’ lol

I’m glad you like it, thank you!

Julie Robinson

Whew, Eliza! I need to shift in my seat a little!!
Just catching up on emails which is why I’m a tad late, but I’ll be ready to see him and his friends in a bit at the party!


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