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A Hundred Days Till Tomorrow

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Her past is restless. Her future is vulnerable. The longest summer of her life has begun.

Miranda Blair is a self-proclaimed hypocrite. Employed by her town’s historical society, she preserves brick-and-mortar landmarks from yesterday but has spent two decades running from her past. Having never been able to afford life’s indulgent toppings, she’s settled for vanilla.

Miranda is coaxed from her childhood home when she’s named the sole heir to her estranged grandmother’s estate. Gertrude Blair has outlined a hundred-day stay at her New England cottage as a prerequisite for the inheritance. Begrudgingly, Miranda accepts this unorthodox final request from the woman who never deserved the title “grandma.”

In idyllic Cobblers Hill, shingled homes boast charming front porches and roses entwine white picket fences. But Gertrude’s abandoned property needs a makeover as desperately as Miranda does. And while remnants from Miranda’s history dwell within the dark paneled cottage walls, no strings attached prevails as her motto—until, that is, she meets the emerald-eyed guy next door.


Tell us about your book. 

If you love the slow burn of Hallmark-style romance, you’ll enjoy A Hundred Days Till Tomorrow.  It takes readers on a magical summer adventure along ‘the road not taken.’  Jeannie Moon, USA Today bestselling author, has called my novel “a journey of heart and soul.  It explores the intricacies of family, relationships, and the old adage that nothing is as it seems.” 

Miranda Blair has spent two decades running from her past, but she is lured from her childhood home when she’s named the sole heir to her estranged grandmother’s estate.  Miranda must spend a hundred days at her New England cottage as a requirement for the inheritance.  Oof!

Despite the small-town charm of lattice front porches and white picket fences, the abandoned property in Cobblers Hill needs a makeover as desperately as Miranda does.  And while remnants from Miranda’s history dwell within the cottage walls, no strings attached prevails as her motto—until she meets the emerald-eyed guy next door.  He offers second chances but also unveils hidden secrets, threatening her new beginning. 


How do you create your characters?

Sometimes I create them, and other times they present themselves like an uninvited but welcomed guest!  Either way, I believe characters should be flawed and relatable.  Strong and inspirational. 

First, I determine strengths and weaknesses and then establish their lifestyle.  My protagonist might be the typical girl next door or a passive-aggressive librarian needing a girls’ night out.  She might be the spunky volunteer who gets under everyone’s skin or a quirky neighbor who hoards garbage.  I consider my characters’ inner circles—who they would befriend and the energy they might attract.  While identifying trials and triumphs, there must always be leeway for transformation and personal growth.  Ultimately, the goal is to create characters that bring my readers joy and give them someone to invest in, root for, and love. 


Is there something you need to write (music, drinks?) Where do you write?

Besides many snacks, I need silence when I write—no chirping pet cockatiel, buzzing microwave, or distant lawnmowers.  Yep, I’m easily distracted!  It’s tough finding a creative writing environment outside a library.  I often lug my laptop to a scenic park or settle in a cozy corner of my yard, hoping to avoid sun glare on my screen.  Still, I’m most productive just sitting in my office first thing in the morning before my mind is cluttered with shopping lists and daily reminders.  That laser focus allows the sentences to form and the paragraphs to flow.  


How do you get your ideas for writing?

I gather ideas and inspiration from my experiences—the places I’ve traveled to and the unique personalities I’ve met.  I enjoy new introductions that challenge my thinking and change my perspective.  And I love being surrounded by nature!  Creativity flows when taking a long bike ride on a winding path or a forest hike.  When something sparks my imagination, I note it on my cell phone.  It might be a single word or an entire phrase.  A sunflower patch or a sailor’s scruffy face.  I never know what role these tidbits will play in my writing.  They may lay the foundation for a future novel or become my next protagonist.


What do you like to read?

I love coming-of-age small-town romance novels that beckon self-reflection.  An avid fan of Nicholas Sparks’s writing, I embrace stories that take me on an adventure of the heart and soul and inspire personal growth.  Picturesque settings in the town square’s gingerbread-trimmed gazebo or along a rocky coastline entice me to pack my bags and plan a trip.  And strong but flawed lead characters capture my attention and challenge me to cheer for happily ever after.  Plot twists keep me turning pages.


What would your advice be to aspiring authors?

Surround yourself with like-minded people—the prayer warriors and cheerleaders—who breathe life into your dreams or join a writer’s group.  Find what inspires you and immerse yourself in it.  Don’t allow fear of failure or negativity to steal your creativity.  There is no time limit, so enjoy the writing journey, and let it unfold as life intended.  Just keep at it—and never put a period where there should be a comma.


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