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Interview with author of Super Born: Seduction of Being, Keith Kornell!













Book Blurb:

An evolution in the female superhero, Super Born: Seduction of Being is a romantic satire based on a quirky journalist’s search for a reluctant Super Woman. She is a single mother with thirty years of normal existence before super powers begin to show themselves and complicate her life. As she searches for her new place in the world, a crowd of “others” search for her as well. Told from both the journalist’s and superhero’s point of view, Super Born is a flowing unique read.




Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!


I’m born and raised in Cleveland, OH.  If that alone is not exciting enough, I have wanted to write since eighth grade when I began writing James Bond inspired short stories. When I wrote a story for my High School Paper that was told in 100% dialog, teachers took notice and began encouraging me to write. I finished two novels in my youth without knowing how or where to get them published, then embarked on my career in business to pay the bills.   After establishing my business and raising my family, the writing bug returned and now I have a running list of projects. The first of which is Super Born followed closely behind by a film script, The Christmas Letter, which I hope to produce next year.


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?


Super Born is a total work of inspiration the source of which is still unknown to me. The book began writing itself as I drove home from lunch one day.  When I got back to my office I struggled to type as fast as the images came, playing like a movie in my mind.  I wrote more than half of the book in my head on a day off skiing. The only fragment of reality I can remember to have based the book on was a conversation I overheard of several women discussing how childish the men they were dating were and how powerful they felt compared to them.



How do you create your characters?


The characters appeared in my mind like old friends that I know intimately, so I am more describing them rather than creating them.   I just write how I would imagine them interacting.  Occasionally, I use fragments from real life and real people to add reality and depth to my characters. However, the main male character in the book bares absolutely no resemblance to me or anyone I know.


What inspires and what got your started in writing?


Harmony and Peace, for me, is taking the things in my mind and bringing them into physical reality to share with the world.  Having people find them humorous, entertaining, or enlightening is a source of accomplishment for me.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to 


write (music, drinks?)


When I am in the writing “zone”, I can write anywhere.  It is like stepping into that alternate world that I am writing about and leaving the other behind.  That said I prefer to write after hours at my office or at home early or late in the day. Sometimes a good cup or coffee and sometimes a glass of wine is a good companion. The key element is getting into the “zone” which requires zero interruptions, a concept no one around me seems to understand.  But if I can have that I normal begin rereading the story near where I left off and I can slip right back into the world I am writing about.


How do you get your ideas for writing?


Normally there is a single thought, concept, or event that hits me. And then at some point in the future after my mind has worked it for a while in my sub-conscious, a story line comes out build around that original occurrence.


What do you like to read?


As you may know, writers are generally lousy readers.  For me it is because I spend my time reading and re-reading and editing and re-editing my own projects.  I try to balance what I do have the time to read between novels and historical or philosophical books.



What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards 

  to writing?


Boy, first let’s hope you are a hard skinned person, although most creative people are not, for this is a very subjective road to pick. Realize that even mega best-selling authors average reviews are 3 out of 5 stars.  For every 5 star you get there is someone out there with a 1 that doesn’t get what you are saying.  But that is fine.  You will find an audience that gets what you meant and when they do it will make up for all the others. You need to believe in your work and hang in there.


Find the “right” editor.  Editors are not editors.  You need to find one that “gets” what you are trying to put out there.  Then be open to take advantage of what they have to offer. If you don’t think your editor “gets it” push to find another and another and another until you are impressed.


Realize Amazon is only good at selling what already sells. They don’t sell, they deliver. Writing a book and putting it out via the wrong publisher or on your own is like throwing the book in a closet and waiting for someone to knock on your door and ask you if you have a book for sale.  It won’t happen.


You are a creative writer and probably not a book seller or marketing person.  You need to form a team of people around you who are good at promotion and getting your book “out there” in this day and age of book overload. Your publisher may not even be able to do that.  Find people around you who believe in your work.  If they tell you they can sell your book but they don’t “get the book” themselves, they are there just to take your money or time or worse yet, the chances of getting your book the audience it deserves.


Anything else you’d like to share?


Yes, I’d like to share this pepperoni pizza.  There’s a slice for you, and you, and you…Oh my, I think I’m going to need a bigger pizza.

Beside the pizza I have the world Super Born to share with everyone. It is a humorous entertaining place full of complex and real characters. Also it is home to a new generation of female super heroes who are first and foremost real and feminine who just happen to be able to fold you in half several times, lengthwise.


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