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Interview with author of The Oremere Chronicles, Helen Scheuerer!

Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

Well, my name’s Helen Scheuerer. I’m an author originally from Sydney, Australia but am currently living in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand.


I’m a YA fantasy author and publisher. My imprint, Talem Press has published all three books in my trilogy The Oremere Chronicles, and will be publishing more fantasy authors this year.


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

My newest release, War of Mist is the third and final book in my YA fantasy series, The Oremere Chronicles.


I started the first book way back in 2016 for NaNoWriMo and as a way of escaping from some horrible edits of another book I was working on at the time.


How do you create your characters?

Creating characters is a mixture of having one of them walk into my head and then brainstorming, creating Pinterest boards and lots of drafting.


My characters come to me quite fuzzy around the edges at first, and it’s only after lots of interrogating and reworking that I get a real sense of who they are and what they look like.


What inspires you and what got you started in writing?

I’ve loved writing stories since I was little, I’ve been doing it ever since I remember.


I suppose I find inspiration in lots of places: other authors’ books, nature, films and television shows… But ultimately, I always have this urge to write, to create something and it’s quite hard to ignore.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)

For the most part, I write at my desk in my office, on my computer. I drink lots of tea while doing so, especially when it’s cold.


Sometimes though, I do enjoy taking a notepad and pen to a café or a bar and writing by hand. It’s a great way for me to hit refresh when I’ve felt stuck.


What do you like to read?

I’m lucky that I had a great education where I was exposed to lots of different genres and types of literature. I’ve enjoyed studying the classics and literary fiction in the past, but my favourite genre is the one I write in – YA fantasy.


I love the escapism fantasy offers, and in particular of late, the kickass female leads who have been gracing the pages.


What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?

I provide a lot of writing and publishing advice on my website Writer’s Edit (, but if you’re after some highlights:


  • Write what you love reading
  • If you want to write, make time to write, even if it means working after work
  • Make friends with other authors and talk about your work together




WAR OF MIST, the epic conclusion to Helen Scheuerer’s The Oremere Chronicles is slated for release July 25. You can add it on Goodreads here (


War is here.

Toxic mist drives all life to the brink of destruction and the conqueror queen, Ines, has her talons in the kings of the realm.

Bleak, having discovered her true heritage, must now scour the lands for the one thing that might save them all.

But the search is a treacherous one, one that will push her to the very limits of endurance.

Amidst secrets, lies and the intricacies of battle, Bleak and her companions learn just how far they’ll go for the ones they love. But will it be enough?

As deadly forces grapple for power across the continents; families, friends and allies unite to take one final stand.

Explosive revelations, heart-wrenching betrayals and breathtaking magic soar in the epic conclusion to Helen Scheuerer’s bestselling trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles.

About the author

Helen Scheuerer is a YA fantasy author from Sydney, Australia. Her debut novel, Heart of Mist, was the bestselling first instalment in her trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles.

After writing literary fiction for a number of years, she was inspired to return to her childhood love of fantasy by reading the work of Sabaa Tahir, V.E. Schwab and Sarah J. Maas.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing, and a Master of Publishing. She is also the Founding Editor of Writer’s Edit (, one of the world’s largest online learning platforms for emerging writers.

She is now a full-time author living amidst the mountains in New Zealand.


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