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Interview With Hero, Highland Warrior Ian MacDuff

I have been extremely remiss in my interviews…Ian, who’s story, Lady In A Box was released in February is a little perturbed at me. I tried to explain that I’d been swamped with other obligations, but never the less, he has promised me I won’t regret interviewing him today, and I hope he’s right, lol.

Eliza: Welcome Ian! Thank you so much for joining me this morning! Would you care for some coffee? I think I can dig up a little Scottish whiskey if you like. I here Lawson’s is really good *giggle*

Ian: *pretends to pout* The Lawson’s have nothing on me, me dear Eliza. *breaks out into a sexy grin as he struts his stuff*

E: Oh, no, you are definitely top notch, Ian. So can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I: Oh, aye. What do ye want to ken?

E: Hmm…anything!

I: Me twin, Donell, left me as laird of the clan. I’m just a wee bit over 6’5, with dark brown hair and green eyes. Since I spend a lot of time outdoors, I’ve always got a tan—and the ladies are quite surprised to see me bum is just as tan as the rest of me.

E: *Wishes she could ask to see his, um, bum.* What do you like to do for fun?

I: I love to hunt, to train with the men, ride me horse, and of course, I used to love the ladies—but now that I have me own true love, I only have eyes for her. *winks*

E: *Nearly melts from that sexy little gesture* I suppose all those activities are what keep you in such fabulous shape?

I: Exactly.

E: What is your favorite color?

I: I love the color green. It reminds me of the rolling hills of the highlands in spring.

E: Mmm…sounds beautiful.

I: Oh ‘tis. And is most pleasing to the eyes when a bonny young lass lays upon its dewy softness, her eyes filled with passion.

E: *Opens mouth, then shuts again* I’ve heard you are quite the entertainer in that arena.

I: *Laughs, and stretches arms across the back of the couch*

E: So, Ian. *Shifting in seat* Do you have a question for our readers?

I: Aye, I do. What is yer favorite color and why?

E: Very interesting question! I can’t wait to see what people say.

I: Ye don’t get off that easy, Ms. Eliza. What is yer favorite color?

E: Actually it is green, and for partly the same reason you gave. I love the way green shows up all over the place in spring, bringing with it soft breezes and clean fresh air. It’s calming, refreshing and gets my imagination really flowing.

I: Ever been with a lover on the soft green grass? *slow grin spreads on his face*

E: Uh-uh bad boy, this is my interview! Thanks for being here with us today!

I: ‘Twas a pleasure, lassy.

Answer Ian’s question and I’ll pick names next week for a winner to receive an e-book copy of his story, Lady In A Box, book two in my Highland Jewel Series.


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