Thursday, July 9, 2020

Interview with romance cover model, CJ!


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How does it feel to be on your first print cover?
Do you mean for DCL? It’s great. I’ve been on a million covers. Kate Hofman is a wonderful   author. I’m very happy to be on her covers. Her “Golden” series is amazing. Works for me!

How long have you been modeling and why?
      If I told you how long I’ve been in the business I’d have to kill you! Let’s just say I’ve been at it for a while. Just when I think it’s over the phone rings or I get an offer. I may be here for a while yet…as long as they’ll have me….
What’s the best of the industry and the worst of the industry that you have seen?
      The best part is seeing the finished work. By that I mean the finished cover. It’s amazing what they can do. They can photo shop you onto a beach or onto the deck of a pirate ship. That’s very cool. The worst part anymore is it seems anyone can do a cover now. It seems like any guy doing steroids can be on a cover these days. But, they DO cut their heads off a lot.

Besides modeling, is there a secret passion you have?
      I write in my spare time. I have been doing that for years. I have written for several magazines. One of my stories, “Confessions of a Male Beauty Contestant” was optioned for a movie. I may have a book coming out soon. Fingers crossed on that….

What do you like to do in your spare time?
       I work out like a maniac. A necessary evil, but ironically enough, I enjoy it!
Denise Alicea
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  • Not long enough LOL CJ always does a wonderful interview. The top shelf om my book case is crammed with print books with CJ covers. The man is truly amazing.

  • I will be keeping everything crossed for you CJ on your book coming out soon.
    I hope you keep us informed on the progress of your book.
    Lots of hugs for you CJ.

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