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Interview with the author of Julian Fox: The Dream Guardian, E.J. Miranda!

Fantasy for young adults overcomes cultural, linguistic barriers to embody representation and inclusivity

BOGOTA, Colombia – Author E. J. Miranda lives in Colombia but often travels to the U.S. on vacations, or to visit family in Houston. Miranda is no stranger to international living, and she is passionate about learning from a variety of cultures around the globe. She draws on her knowledge of international customs in this new fantasy series which follows protagonist Julian Fox through dangerous and exciting adventures. 


Julian Fox is a Dream Guardian who faces challenges both in the dream world and the real world. He must forge a closer bond with his brother, Nicholas, despite the back-and-forth antics between the two, and he must discover what true love means when his feelings for his college girlfriend begin to wane after he meets Elizabeth, the owner of a mysterious portal. Julian is put to the test when protecting Elizabeth in the dream world from villains. In his quest to understand how to protect her, Julian learns much more about these villains than he bargained for, and must make some crucial decisions.


Julian Fox, The Dream Guardian (publisher, Sept. 18, 2019) is first and foremost a fantasy novel, though it draws significantly on world history and mythology. Miranda’s tale defies categorization in more than one way as it also features romance and humor throughout. Young audiences will be enthralled with the story and the writing style, and are guaranteed to learn about the stems of division and the importance of unity.

E.J. MIRANDA: is an avid reader, an enthusiastic traveler, and a passionate author. Her great sense of humor and love for nature have granted her a rebellious writing style: her approach describes the adventures of life, but in such a way that each reader can have an individual take on the matter. Her inspiration comes from her curiosity about other countries’ cultures and peculiarities. A few countries in particular which spark her curiosity are Colombia, Italy, Costa Rica, England, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Her favorite places to visit are historical sites and museums, locations that allow her to explore important and even overlooked details. She currently lives with her husband in Colombia, but frequently travels to Houston to visit her daughter and son. E.J. Miranda has a degree in tax accounting, but she prefers interacting with people to calculating their taxes. To learn more about her life and work, visit


“Julian Fox: The Dream Guardian”

E.J. Miranda | Sept. 18, 2019 | Independently published

Paperback | 978-1-7337982-0-4 | $12.99

Ebook | 978-1-7337982-1-1 | $4.99



Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

I started thinking about writing about Dream Guardians a very long time ago. In 2009, I began the actual writing process because of my family’s insistence and support.

In this whole journey of writing Julian Fox’s adventures, I’ve had to go through many internal changes, mental and emotional changes, as the story began transforming my own point of view. I had to become more patient. I had to start seeing beyond what was evident. I had to listen and truly try to understand other people’s perspectives, even when they were very different from me. I’ve laughed a lot thanks to Julian Fox, and I’ve also had deep thoughts and feelings that have made me even cry. My characters and story represent how most of us dream to see the world someday: a place where peace, harmony, respect, and friendship reign above anything else.


 How do you create your characters?

Many of my characters belong to very different historical periods. Each one of them has a personal emotional story that aims to criticize our own history and past as a society. It is my hope that, with each character story, readers think and reflect on situations and mistakes that happened in the “past” that are still occurring today. War, hunger, envy, injustice. All of these are still present in our 21st-century reality. I chose to represent each one of these with my characters to incentivize readers to talk about these issues and encourage these types of conversations, so we can all together think about real solutions.


 What inspires and what got you started in writing?

My family! My family is my greatest inspiration. I only have to sit tight and watch them interact with each other to gain a lot of fun inspiration. They make me laugh (really, a lot), and they also make me feel very proud as I see them grow and become wonderful human beings. Even though they are all adults now, it is wonderful to see them become little kids from time to time to enjoy the small wonders of life: chase each other in the park, play with animals, pull fun pranks to one another, etc. I must say, some of the pranks that Julian and Nicholas made to each other in the first book (and will make in future books) have actually happened, but I rather keep the secret as to which ones exactly.

I strongly believe everyone has something to say, and this thought encouraged me to start writing this story. In my particular case, I wanted to express the way I see the world and how I imagine it could be someday. I’ve read quite a few books since I was a child, and I always seek to understand what the authors have to say to their audience beyond the plot and characters. I wanted to have the same opportunity to use my voice and let readers know what I wanted to say.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)

I travel quite often and I have been lucky enough to be able to write this four-book series in many different places. Fun fact: I wrote the entire first book by hand and had a lot of fun doing it that way.

I love listening to music while writing. I always do so. I am a fan of Il Divo, Sarah Brightman, Coldplay, Chopin, Ennio Morricone, Shakira, Miguel Bose. Whenever I write about a prank or fun scene between Nicholas and Julian, I usually listen to Juan Luis Guerra. What I listen to heavily depends on what I am going to write about. Oh, almost forgot, I always have a glass of water and some Kleenex next to me just in case I cry.



How do you get your ideas for writing?


I get my ideas mostly from direct observation. When I was writing this first book, sometimes I did not exactly know what was going to happen in the next chapter, so I simply waited for life itself to guide my next words.



What do you like to read?


I absolutely love “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis. Also, ever since I was a child, I’ve loved Greek mythology.


I am a huge fan of “Mafalda,” by Quino, a famous Argentinian cartoonist. I particularly love Mafalda because the story is about a little girl living in the 60s and 70s, who was really concerned about world peace. This peculiar cartoon always left a message to readers about human rights, humanity, and criticized many difficult problems the world was facing at the time.


And of course, I love the Harry Potter series. My house is Gryffindor, just in case you were wondering. Other books that I love are “The Lord of the Rings” series by J.R.R. Tolkien, “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova, “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri, among others.


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