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Interview with the author of Waning, Michael Poelti!

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“Find the key emotion; this may be all you need know to find your short story.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald “A short story is the ultimate close-up magic trick – a couple of thousand words to take you around the universe or break your heart.” – Neil Gaiman Life is a Metaphor. A metaphor is a symbol. A symbol is a sign. Watch for the signs. Like all stories, they can be watered-down to act as metaphor or parables; but unlike parables, metaphors can be interpreted differently, depending on the subject. A waning metaphor therefore, only sustains resolve if a person decides to recognize it. The literary short plays an important role for the reader.What could be more rewarding than a quick read? Instant gratification through story-telling? This anthology features multiple genres and zero commitment.

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Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m originally from the Toronto, Canada area.  I graduated Interpretive Illustration from Sheridan College (known for its animation programs) and while I bartended my way through my 20’s, I taught myself to write, releasing my first published book at 35. Since then I have published eight books in total.


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

The book, Waning Metaphorically, is a collection of short stories. Originally, many of these were potential scenes written in a moment of inspiration which never found a home in one of my novels. Most were able to carry their own purpose and so I reworked them into short stories.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)

I write wherever inspiration hits. Spontaneity has been a source of great insight for me as a writer. I can also sit myself down and write so long as I have a good idea of where a scene is going. Then it writes itself.


How do you get your ideas for writing?

I wish I knew! Honestly, ideas often just pop into my head. That said, I do have a wide range of interests, and certainly all of my books and stories are developed from there. I’ve never written about a subject I feigned interest in. That would be a painful exercise.


What do you like to read?

I have a varied interest in genres too. I’ll read anything from fantasy and sci-fi to coming of age stories and post-apocalyptic tales. I don’t like being held to a genre as a writer either.


What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?

Never give up on it. No one writes because they have to. It’s a passion, and no one should give up on that. You’re a story-teller. You need to get the stories out of your head and into the hands of readers. It’s not always about being rich and famous. It’s about feeding your soul. Never stop feeding your soul purpose.

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