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I’m trying to give a bit back to the world and do something meaningful. I’ve decided to be a team captain for Extra Life’s annual 24-hour video game marathon and I’m hoping you’ll join my team – Darker Ink – and the efforts to raise funds for kids. There are more details on the team page but the gist is: we sponsor or get sponsors for a 24 hr video gaming marathon occurring on Oct. 15. The sponsors agree to whatever amount they choose (default is $1 per hour played; $24 for entire event) and the gamers do their hoodoo. Any and all kinds of gaming count – play Xbox, Wii, Facebook games, or PacMan; it doesn’t matter. Any gamers local to the Auburn area are welcome to organize this with me into a social event, or we could all just game individually at home. Again, doesn’t matter. 🙂

All contributions will benefit my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Any contribution will help and all donations are tax deductible.

Our team fundraising goal is $500 and every team member helps!

If you would like to be part of my team, please go ahead and sign up or check the link on my site http://www.designdragongraphics.com . You can also search for my team’s Extra Life page at www.extra-life.org to register through the team page. Again, team name is “Darker Ink” (after the blog name)

Thanks to anybody and everybody who chips in!

Melissa Lynn Felton (Rhysani, LissaRhys, Rhys etcetcetc)
Join us at http://www.Facebook.com/SGExtraLife

Join This Team!

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